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Sword Art Online

Aug 30, 2013

Avid gamer Kirito tries out a new virtual reality game Sword Art Online on release day, and soon discovers along with the rest of the players that the creator of the game has trapped them in the game until they clear the last dungeon, and if they die in the game, the VR equipment they are wearing will fry their brain.

This series is one of the biggest hits in years. It is so popular that an English dub was aired on Toonami in the US a year after the shows initial launch in Japan. The characters in this show are interesting and relatable, being normal people thrust into this situation. The settings are instantly recognizable to gamers and the logic behind a lot of character's actions make sense. The music is well-utilized and the antagonists fit in well with the story and the world it takes place in.

The animation is gorgeous. The action scenes are fun to watch and the drama can actually be good at times. There's also a good bit of comedy in there too.

The show peters out a bit later on in the series during the second arc, but it keeps you hooked enough to get through it. Again, it is a fun, decently paced series. It does, however have several faults. The one-off characters feel mostly wasted, and at times the lead character seems too perfect. Going into detail would lead into spoiler territory, but lets just leave it at these flaws could have made the show a legendary one had they been corrected.

The openings are both good, with the 1st being the superior. The endings are both average, with the 2nd one being the better.

As it stands, this show is definitely a fun adventure, with enjoyable characters, is surprisingly relatable (especially with today's internet society), and is a good anime you just can't stop watching. A must for any MMO fans out there, and highly recommended to everyone else.

?/10 story
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7.5/10 overall
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dan78 Oct 4, 2013

wow, finaly someone gets it :p

its a show whos audience are online gamers. lots of "inside" reference that ppl would consider plotholes. yes their are time skips between kiritos levels, but who wants to see 10eps about him grinding xp and loot?

you didnt mention the horrendous change in the story when they switch arcs tho. wich is why most ppl scored it so low. (beside the hype trolls)