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Aug 30, 2013

College student and self-proclaimed MAD SCIENTIST Okabe Rintaro accidentally creates a time machine along with his friends. Little does he know about the repercussions of this act, and the effect it will have on his future.

Steins;Gate is a rare series based around time travel. The key phrase there is "based around". There are plenty of series that include time-travel in some way, or about the adventures of time travelers, but it is rare to find one about the actual act itself. It explores ideas of predestination, the effects of changing the past, etc. and does so in a way that the audience can follow. No surprise then that plot twists aplenty come from every change they make.

This itself would be enough for a decently enthralling show, but the characters hit that sweet spot where you can actually connect and care about them. The diverse array of characters are flushed out fairly well, while never taking too much focus off of the plot. This brings the enjoyment of this series to an all new level, as the series progresses, the consequences of their actions are made clear, and the lives and futures that hang in the balance.

The opening is one of the better ones I've seen, with the lyrics directly referencing the show, talking about "crossing World Lines". It matches the show and gives you a real feeling of the events of the show (especially later on). The ending is maybe a bit above average, mainly for the music and how it picks up towards the end.

All in all, though some may feel it has a slow start, Steins;Gate is ultimately one of the most rewarding shows I've had the pleasure of watching, and I have no problem giving it my highest recommendation. (I'm loathe to ever give out a perfect score.)

A movie that takes place after the series and follows the actions/consequences of events in the main series aired in Japan in April 2013. I'm looking forward to it when it makes its way over here.

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9.5/10 overall
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