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Hey, I like stuff, and things.

Always up for a talk about different series.  Got a recommendation?  Always adding to my "To watch" list.

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MysticSakura Sep 27, 2013

Hi I saw your message, and wanted to say hi >.<

KinkyRice Sep 14, 2013

Yeah i definitely have not heard of that one the sunday w/o god anime is it good?.

O: Sorry for the late reply also college is kicking my ass :C

Those are good shows. I put off TWGOK because i was mad they skipped arcs in the manga so i'm currently just reading it right now.

I'm watching a certain scientifical railgun cuz i started watching index and i hate it but i like railgun xD idk which one comes first but i def like railgun's characters and side to the plot  better xP

i'm also watching SnK, Danganronpa, the newer seasonal shows that came out like Love Lab, Blood Lad, and Free. Oh and i'm also watching One Piece, i'm trying to catch up. If you want to see more just check out my watching list xP

KinkyRice Sep 1, 2013

Nice nice. Yeah I've got my little brother watching it on Toonami now just to see what his take on it will be. What else have you been watching this season?

KinkyRice Aug 31, 2013

Haha i like your reviews. I think your take on SAO was a little accurate. I probably would have rated it a bit lower just because I was really disappointed with the 2nd half but good to read a review like that ^^