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I'm just an anime-loving college student, not really anything special about me. The first anime I ever watched was Dragon Ball, and looking back on my childhood, it's very clear that I was one of those mainstream kids. As I've gotten older, I've tried to find some of the lesser-known stuff, though I still do watch a lot of the mainstream things, as they're easier to find and watch consistently. XD

I don't really have favorite genres or least favorite genres. I'm not big on mechas, but there are enough series that I like that have mechas in them that to say I dislike mechas would be unfair. I'm just a hodgepodge of likes, though I tend to lean more toward the action-styles than anything else.

Also, I've noticed that Steven Blum happens to be in almost all of the anime series I like. This may or may not be a bad thing, I just think he makes an awesome pissed off protagonist. XDD

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What?! No manga ratings?

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HikaruTenshi Nov 24, 2008

Haha, cool. I try to get people to watch Princess Mononoke because that's my all time favorite movie..

Hmm.. Metropolis was a long time ago... ^_^

Thanks for all the suggestions. ^_^ It made it easier to pick which ones to start with.


HikaruTenshi Nov 22, 2008

I <3 Steven Blum's Voice.