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Munto meets the crossover pairings

14 NOV

I decided today to rewatch Munto, because I watched a really awesome video made by this person called " RedAnimeGirl"

Here's the video:



And I also enjoyed this one:



But that's beside the point. Anyway, I might consider asking my sister if she can download episode 6 for me, because that has a major MuntoXYumemi moment xD Also because when she goes to look at links, she has a thing that tells her which website is safe, and which one isn't. I'll probably look to see if there's a torrent out there somewhere.


Also, I fell into a love of cross-over pairings xD I'll give you the video that sparked my interest while i'm at it. (Because I'm giving so many links xD


Kobato X Ciel 1 (.Kobato + KuroShitsuji)



And then I watched this cuz I was so interested:


(Kobato and Ciel 2)


Isn't that great? xD Woo hoo. Hope who ever reads this wil look at them, even if no one does except myself in the future xDDDDD (Wow, I'm pathetic, I'm laughing at myself.)


The reason for the title is also because in one of the videos I saw, someone paired him (Or was it Yumemi?) with someone from....Naruto? No no....something else....

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