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19 SEP

"I don't know. I'm such a noob, so I  just can't figure it out. Hmmm....."

Well, I don't know what to put here, since I really just wanted to experiment..... Uh....I'll talk about the recent anime thing i've watched!

"Animation Runner Kuromi" *Applause*

Well, besides the fact that it was kind of random....... I pretty much liked it. xD Yeah, there we're those creepy people that seemed to just look you in the eye and scare you to death, but if you try to get past them, there's a chance they'll look great! Well, actually, I'm thinking a few of them are creepers, but who cares! Not you!

Anyway, though there was no individual plot, there was a sense of one there. Through a few back  stories, you can tell that most of them we're somehow kind of related to the blond chick. "Yes. I just called her a blond chick. Face it like a man, I don't learn names"

Anyway, it has that occasional depressedness, that probably don't make too much sense, but try. Don't say, "The characters are creepy" and " Ewww... this is so stupid."When you do something like that, it just eliminates your wide range.

Teacher: Write a persuasive essay.

Me: I'll give you a persuasive essay! In 10 sentences!

watch. the. anime. or. else. i. will. kill.you. now.

(P.s) I'm pretty sure they don't except that in school xD

Thats all.

Adios, Chao, goodbye, and any other "goodbyes" in other languages.


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