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So far I have to say that Elfen Lied is by far one of the best anime I have ever seen. I would recommend it to anyone that loves a beautiful, dramatic, emotional story. It is sad the amount of people that dismiss it simply because of the opening scene and/or the Nudity/Violence. It is far more than that and I have to say that anyone who can not see passed that needs to open their eyes and stop being so close minded. The ending is, perhaps, the best ending I have seen in an anime. Absolutely Amazing.

Don't read Manga.

Will watch basically anything. I preffer not to have preconcieved notions about an anime just because I've read certain things about it.

Always welcome a lovely Soundtrack(Elfen Lied, Fate/stay night, Bleach).

Love a great ending(Elfen Lied, Fate/stay night, Gungrave)

Do enjoy ecchi comedies that really don't take themselves too seriously, such as: Iketeru Futari, Green Green, Kyou no Go no Ni, Golden Boy, Girls Bravo, To Love-Ru etc.

I don't exactly have any least favourite(or favourite) genres. All anime has a chance of being great, despite it's certain genre.

Some of the best titles I have seen are:

Berserk 4.5/5

Bleach 4.5/5(Incomplete)

Claymore 4.5/5

Darker Than Black 4.5/5

Great Teacher Onizuka 4.5/5

Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen 5/5

Soul Eater 4.5/5(Incomplete)

The Twelve Kingdoms 4.5/5(Incomplete)

Why not check out my anime and if anyone has any recommendations/questions or if you simply wish to comment then please, feel free to do so.

Note: Alot of my "Want to Watch" anime are just titles I have come across that looked interesting. Have not really checked them out. Wouldn't mind if people pointed out which ones are worth while and such.

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kippy666 Oct 22, 2009

Why is manga a no no?

Laurahhz Jun 7, 2009

why thank you ^____^

ah death note was amazing. i was just constantly watching it! i think i had/have and addiction. i'd love to get into some more stuff like that, but i'm not sure what's good as i'm not very experienced in anime - but i'd love to be soon ^____^


FunkyCake Jun 4, 2009

thnx, i want to tell than nana is a good anime, but the last ep made a damn exception:d

FunkyCake May 26, 2009

what can i say cool top 4 ANIME! I'm glad that you like elfen lied>.<

RumbleBall Mar 1, 2009

woo :O

gratz ^^ 

you just succesfully achieved the 2000 episode's badge ^^