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I love music, and my favorite band is OOMPH! I like to sing and write, and I can only play a little bit of a Rammstein song on my guitar. I weenied out of drums when I was in fifth grade. And also, I think I'm pretty good at singing Breaking Benjamin song, especially "Diary of Jane." Even so, I'd love to be in a band someday.

I like to draw. I mostly draw nerdy anime-type shit, but I am working on my realism too. Even then, many people say my anime looks kind of realistic, but I think they be lyin' to me just to make me feel good about my art lol. =_= 

I has a cat. I luvvles kitties way too much, and they are my favorite animals evar. My cat is named Tigger, and I got her as a birthday present in second grade. I used to have a fatty kitty named Sweetie.

I like internet memes. They make me lul, and I find them interesting. Psychology is interesting too. I love knowing why we're compelled to do the things we do, and what makes us tick muahaha. However, I am convinced that I am not well in the head, as evidenced by my fascination of gory and deathly things, the concept of Schadenfreude, and my extreme, unhealthy love for Dero Goi, and my tendency to talk to myself.

I also love video games, and my favorite game series is The Legend of Zelda. I love scary games too, like Fatal Frame and Haunting Ground and shit like that. Final Fantasy VII is one of my favorite RPGs, along with Tales of Symphonia. I also like anime and manga, and my favorite is Rurouni Kenshin and Elfen Lied. And also, Invader Zim is ftw. WHY WAS THERE BACON IN THE SOAP!

I am also learning both Japanese and German. Ich liebe Deutsch! 日本語がだいすきです。 Ich will in Deutschland leben.

Und ich liebe Dero Goi! <3 Though that is kinda creepy. =_= Also, I love my laptop, which has been dubbed Leviticus, despite my religious preferences. I almost named it Icarus, but my friend, who's laptop is named Leonidas, said, "No, give it a long name, but keep the 'us' at the end." And plus, we have a Leviticus, Deuteronomy, and Numbers joke. My other friend's is Morpheus. I love my Leviticus. He lights up my room when I forget that it's nighttime because I'm fuckin around on the internet, and he keeps me from becoming bored. However, he also fuels my creeperness in conjunction with teh interwebz. I love the internet. So, so much. However, I am not much of a shut in, so don't give that judgmental stare. So in short: I am a creepy über nerd. :D

And remember -- the internet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS.

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