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29 NOV

I remember back in the stone age when Haruhi first aired. I was sold from the first episode, thinking that it was a show made exclusively to fuck with the audience. Later the (in)chronology and weird characters cemented my appreciation for the series.

The "second season" had none of the originals impact. It had a couple of good new episodes that explored some characters, but generally it kept a status quo with the original episodes. The endless eight where a stroke of genious, but even I thought it a bit too much. All in all, quite a disappointment, and slightly annoying to watch, as well, since you didn't know if it was a new or old episode.

Now I finally sat down and watched the disappearance and.... Wow... It was beyond any of my epectations, way superior to the old anime. I don't know what not to praise! The acting, directing, art and writing was all excellent. The music could have been better, but most scenes made great use of silence instead.

Melancholy felt odd and fresh, disappearance feels intelligent and refined. Kyon gets to face himself, his likes and dislikes and finds that he needs to confront his thoughts and emotions to understand himself and his comrades. We get to see old characters through a new light. Confessions and decisions aplenty and a fantastic climax.

If anything I want to see more Suzumiya after this movie, which I didn't expect.


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