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Hello, welcome to my profile!



Some info:

★ I'm pretty shy in real life (and online sometimes)

★ I love dogs, but I have two cats 

★ I like most genres of anime, but my least favourites are harem and mecha

★ Most of the manga I read is shoujo/romance


~If there's anything else you want to know just ask~


Some anime I like:


Silver Spoon 






Mawaru Penguindrum



Higurashi no Naku Koro ni






A nice song:


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WeaselBeanz says...

Ok, will do.

Yeah, if you're not a fan of harem, then definitely don't watch it, its probably the most harem anime I've ever seen xD

I really liked it, it sort of had a deep twist lying underneath all the comedy, something I've not really seen before.

Jul 26, 2016
GinTheGrin says...

Hello! ^^

Worth the trouble? You think eating is a trouble? :O Yeah, sweet things aren't healthy, that's the reason why I usually stay away from them. By the way, I have been watching some Masterchef Australia since the past couple days, and I really like it. It's so interesting to see how much technology is being used nowadays by professional chefs. For example, using liquid Nitrogen (look it up, in case you don't know what it is) to freeze ice creams and stuff instantly. Yes, pigs aren't exactly the animals one would call as decent looking. Most people would categorize them as dirty, filthy animals, because they like playing in the mud. And the sound they make! Just disgusting! But wild boars are a different thing. You never see someone with a pet wild boar. It even sounds wrong. I don't know about gangsters doing that but I've definitely witnessed such thing once on a TV show (Hannibal). I always thought pigs were herbivores. Yeah, the different tactics various animals employ to survive in the wild is truly interesting. Wow! That is a kind of an evil thing to wish for your cats, don't you think? I mean, they already have such short lives, and on top of that you wish for them to stop chasing, playing with each other and just sit idly with you. 

Yes, that's why you should always prepare your own meal, which means watching more cooking shows! :D But wait, that doesn't solve the problem entirely, does it? What if the meat you buy is actually human meat? See? Now you can't even trust the butchers/meat sellers. Maybe you should have your own farm, and raise your own animals. But then, can you bring yourself to butcher the animals you raised yourself? Oh, I see. You sleep during the day and stay up at night, and you're pale and quite as well. Okay, alright. *backs away slowly* Please don't hurt me! *runs away as fast as possible* Just kidding! :D Yeah, that is true. We're not sure if we're actually alone in this universe. But as long as we don't know there's someone else out there, let's just try to live peacefully. Who knows how much time we've left!

I agree, Kabaneri wasn't as good as I had hoped, but it was still a good watch, in my opinion. Actually, I found Arslan Senki kind of similar to Arslan Senki, which is weird because they're two completely different things. Maybe it's because they both have a lot of fight scenes. There's also a bit of a similarity between some of the characters from the two anime. 

Aww! That was so mean of your family! :D Which season are you on in Breaking Bad, by the way? Oh, you need to catch up on it soon! Unless, of course, you enjoy getting spoiled by people. Good! I hope you'll like it too. Also, Netflix has picked up Black Mirror now, so we're getting a lot more episodes (around 13) this season, as compared to what we got in the previous two seasons (three episodes per season). 

Jul 24, 2016
SophiaDiggins says...


Thank you for following me back!

How have you been?

Do you have and recommendations and what are you currently watching?

Let me know! I'd love to hear from you!

Have a great day!

Jul 22, 2016
AoiNomura says...

No problem I also sometimes take my time to reply! 

Yeah that's true, a lot of slice of life anime in this season. Currently I'm watching a few older series like psycho pass. I started it one year ago but I don't know why I haven't continued watching it that time haha yesterday I finished the first season and maybe I'll start the second one today. 

Recently it's very hot in Germany :((( I'm not really used to it cause usually it's cold and rainy here haha I just stay at home all day to escape the heat D: 

Jul 21, 2016
Ellogegamer says...

Hi Cat! Haha xD I don't think you should feel guilty about that, at least that's what I like to say to myself when I'm feeling lazy~ ^^ I'm fine, thank you, I'm just feeling lazy too and this heat isn't helping~ ><

Yeah, Betelgeuse is really creepy, he makes my skin crawl! Yeah, I'm thinking there must be one archbishop for each sin. The seven deadly sins are getting a bit cliche, but it's a theme that interests me, so I like it. ^^ You make good points about Emilia. I'm not sure if she talked about her family before, at least I don't remember that, and I also don't remember the part you refer about Puck pretending to be her father. I do remember she introducing herself to Subaru with the witch's name, and I found that very intriguing and now I'm also thinking she may be a relative of the witch, or maybe she has some other type of relation with her, not that she wants to have anything to do with her, tho. I'm thinking Emilia is special because of her half-elf blood, and she may have some power or properties that may be very useful to the witch, and it may be related to subaru's power too. Maybe the shadow creature hinted at some relation between them, and like you sugested, the strongest possibility seems to be that Emilia might actually be the witch's daughter, if we interpreted the creature's words correctly. Also, if Subaru has the witch's "stench", this must be that he is also connected to her somehow, maybe she is related to his powers, or maybe she is just spying on him and keeps some sort of marker on him. And now we seem to have even more questions with all that happened in the latest episode! Have you watched it?

Jul 20, 2016