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Hello, welcome to my profile!



Some info:

★ I'm pretty shy in real life (and online sometimes)

★ I love dogs, but I have two cats 

★ I like most genres of anime, but my least favourites are harem and mecha

★ Most of the manga I read is shoujo/romance


~If there's anything else you want to know just ask~


Some anime I like:


Silver Spoon 






Mawaru Penguindrum



Higurashi no Naku Koro ni






A nice song:


Other sites:





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Sewn says...

Hello, I'm sorry for replying so late, I was kinda inactive for a while!

(I feel like I'm already making a bad impression >.<)

Nice to meet you! I'm Cat and you can call me whatever you like ^ ^ Some people like to call me Cherry because of my username.

Well, I just had a short break from anime (which is why I was inactive), so I'm just trying to finish the summer shows I'm watching before next season starts. I really enjoyed New Game and I just started reading the manga. I also watched Tonari no Seki-kun and it was a lot of fun. I love KanaHana as well, so it was great that she was the main character.

Have you watched anything interesting recently?

(On mobile because my laptop broke so I'm sorry about any mistakes) 

Hi, Cat.

Not a problem; don't worry about it. c:

I have to finish the summer seasons, too. I still want to see a lot and they're all already ending. O:

I'm actually watching Re:ZERO right now. I'm on episode 12, so I'm about half way through and I really like it. :D 

I'm planning on watching Orange, ReLIFE, and 91 Days next. Those were the main ones I wanted to see, so I want to watch them for sure. There are a few others I want to watch, but I won't be super bummed if I don't get to. Such as: Sweetness & Lightning, Rewrite, New Game, and a few more. c:

Sep 29, 2016
NicoCake says...

Hi! How have you been?^^

Sep 27, 2016
Sianeka says...

I’ve  noticed that you haven’t been doing your WECO assignments, and haven’t been able to leave welcomes for the new members assigned to you recently. I’m concerned: I hope you are well, and that there isn’t something serious causing you to miss doing them.  I have been covering for you, and doing your missing greetings for you, but I can get the help of the whole group when I know in advance who will be doing greetings and who will not.  I can allot my time better when I am prepared to do extra greetings, rather than finding out that they weren’t done and that I will be needing to do them at the last minute.  I hope that nothing has happened to you and that you are ok.

Perhaps you need to take a break or need some time off or reduced assignments or fewer days?  I will be happy to work out a new schedule for you; something that will work for both of us. Or give you some extra time, until you feel ready to come back again. Just let me know what you want or what you will need.

Please get back to me to let me know you are well. I have put you on hiatus (no assignments) until I hear back from you and we work something out.

Sep 25, 2016
TheLostHarley says...

Hello Cat!

Wow!That sounds...strange xD So those insects,they just pop out in summer,huh?I find the fact that you're the spider hunter-type quite fascinating,but I can understand your fear,too.You like snakes?Interesting!You never cease to amaze me ^^ Back on topic,yeah,there are probably more of them.Seems like bugs/insects really like kitchens:this year I had a builder wasp trying to build its mud nest on the top of our boiler.Of course I had to destroy the nest,but hell!Why can't they build it outside?I feel kinda sorry doing so,but I can't live with wasps in the kitchen.I'm really sorry for you getting all these headaches.Hope the situation is getting better there:it's still pretty hot in here -.- Well,a lot of time has passed:have you found out what they were?A-Are you still alive?You must be,r-right?

Yeah,cats can be mean,indeed!Oh,as you said,he's probably following you around because you were his savior!I imagine him looking at you,and think:"This angel saved me.Must follow around for my safety"!But hey,those are the little things that make cats special,too!Like,how they wait for you getting home from school,how they're happy in their own way when you're back,with cuddles and whatnot.They can be cute!My cat really,really likes cuddles,and he keeps moving around whenever we scratch him.He "hugs" the legs of tables and stuff,falls,and waits for your hand!Oh,and don't worry,mine barely talks during the day,too,so I guess it's normal for cats ^^ I hate when it rains,but it doesn't refresh the air.That's just useless.Like,you've waited so long for a little water,and then puff,the heat's back.Oh,and of course night's the worst,since you have to sleep.You either must have a strong will,or really love your cat for sleeping with a blanket for him with this heat ^^ I would die instantly xD Oooh,don't say that:it's true that you actually live in Scotland,so you know it way better than me,but I'm sure it's a great place overall! ^^

Since summer pretty much ended with the start of September (at least that's what I feel in my mind),how was it? ^^ Have you had the chance to "feel" like it was summer,or not?Oh,you're not an old lady at all,even if you were lazing around too much! ^^ Of course,loafing around too much isn't the best (and it's kinda boring,too),but it was summer!Everything is fine during summer,no need to feel guilty or anything ^^ I had my chances and relaxed,thanks! ^^ I hope you haven't already started school :o If so,take your time with the reply!I'll wait,as always ^^ And have a nice school year! ^^

You have never given bad suggestions,so nobody'd do that ^^ You'd be,like,the Guru of Suggestions,or something that majestic :d Phew,I'm lucky then.Even though I'm sure that your prices wouldn't be that high (at least at the beginning).

Wow,10:30 am and you still haven't slept?Don't overdo things,Cat ^^ But I really appreciate all the effort that you put in all of your messages,so I've gotta thank you for that! ^^ Hmm,I looked up 999 quickly,and it gave me that Danganronpa/Persona feeling.Pretty sure it's very similar to the two of them,too.Might be interesting,indeed!I'll be sure to follow a walkthrough of it,and then I'll let you know what my thoughts are!Well,guess what?Just found out that "Clover is sometimes found with six leaves. Some believe that a six-leaf clover brings fame. A clover stem with 56 leaves was found in Japan in May 2009. This is believed to be the highest number of leaves ever seen on a stem of clover."That MUST bring luck,for sure xD And there we were praising the 5 leaf one xD

Mine was just some kind of suggestion,no need to rush it ^^ We're both sure you'd enjoy it,then.Plus,there should be some kind of summary,yes,but I'm not 100% sure about that,I'll be honest.I know you're pretty busy with the anime you wanna follow,don't worry ^^ Also,you got back to manga,too,plus there's Crash Bandicoot (ahem...would you believe me if I said you I've never even played a single Bandicoot game?Wowie...but Spyro was a thing for me!),and that's great! ^^ It's the same for me!I need to be in a certain mood to watch anime,otherwise I won't follow it.You're bad at keeping up with series?I'm the one who's watching a 2007 anime,and barely knows what's out this season xD So no,you're not terrible at keeping up with things,at all ^^ More like,I really admire your passion and how you wanna follow things the proper way!Yup,that's the short for Kiniro Mosaic!I loved it!It was a moe and cuteness overload!If you have any suggestion on the genre,or whenever you feel like suggesting me something similar,please do so ^^ You know what?I finally watched OPM!Pretty nice anime,it had its great moments,kept me entertained,great characters,great parody,OP/ED not that memorable,though.Waiting for 2nd season:I need more of Tornado.I have great expectations in her character.So yeah,I might give Mob Psycho a try!I'm glad you're enjoying SnS!There's a high chance that you've finished watching it by now.If not,well,keep enjoying it! ^^ I agree with you:first ED is awesome!Kept listening to it for a while,too!Megumi's character is quite interesting,yes.I love how she grows up through the serie,episode by episode.But yeah,Nakiri Erina-Sama will always be the Queen for me.Oh,and I loved that mahou shoujo joke!I remember it,hah!

Just considering how long the Corpse Party games are,how many chapters we have,that's more than enough to make us lose hope for an anime adaptation.Eh,maybe the soundtrack wouldn't be changed,and we'd get to see all of these gory scenes that you mentioned,but I've got the feeling that we'd lose the tension,proper of the game.I mean,the fear builds up pretty slowly in the main games,to strike you back whenever you're not expecting it.And doing something like this with an anime,it's difficult imo.To make it possible,we'd need more and more episodes,but we'd end up having another 100+ eps serie xD Not that I'd dislike that,of course,but a lot of non-fan watcher would probably choose not to follow it because of its lenght.But yeah,an adaptation for the niche,I'd love that!Oh,and I've seen your poor Mayu's scene,so don't worry about spoilers ^^ I totally agree with you on the anime adaptation that we got:it could have been better,but it could have been way worse,too.Poor Sayaka.That scene where she was inside that locker/closet was very well made.I didn't know about that spin-off!Have you had the chance to play or follow it?Oh,Yoshiki's wearing a wedding dress?That's what you're looking forward to see,huh? xD Don't worry!You did a great job explaining your point of view on Ayumi,also considering how tired you were when you were writing this message ^^ You're awesome as always,Cat! ^^ What can I say?Of course,considering the situation and who's involved in the charm,I'd say that Ayumi's the one to blame,but as we both agree,Naho's the mastermind.And since the one that needs to be punished (Naho,again) is already trapped in another dimension,then we're fine!However,if somebody had to stay behind for some kind of reason,then yes,I'd expect Ayumi to be the one,since she's the occult freak and all that.I mentioned it in the last message,but I still remember you saying that you hate Naomi waaay back the first time that we met,more or less.No need to feel guilty,she might have been Seiko's best friend,and I like Seiko myself,but Naomi was just...unbearable,so you're not alone feeling that way ^^ Still haven't finished BoS,though.What about you and Blood Drive?Oooh,our Cat is feeling brave!So,have you played Kuro Oni?How long did you last?I'm sure you did a good job ^^

That's because you're too kind hearted,which is a beautiful thing,but you shouldn't force yourself on watching something you dislike just because somebody recommended it to you.And don't feel bad if you criticize something someone likes:unless they're some immature kids,they'd gladly listen to your opinion ^^ Danmachi was way too short to really like some characters:it's all about the first impression.That's why a 2nd season is really needed.Ah,don't feel bad about disliking Bell,I can totally understand you!Yes,he grew on me.He's not that special,nor particular,at all.I just like how he actually works hard,trains,never gives up,and cares for his friends/allies.And that's clichè,I agree on that,but I think he might be much more complex than he is now.That's why I have faith in him as a character.Oh,they fucked up pretty badly with Kirito and SAO in general.It's not that hard to have a better character than Kirito.Still have to watch the 2nd season of it,though.There might be some kind of redemption.I've heard somebody mentioning that Sakurasou's ending was "bad",maybe sad,too.I'd love to see the talent vs. hard work theme from its prospective!Since,you know,what pops up in my mind when I think about talent vs hard work is the fight between Naruto and Neji,so it's a very "shounen" view.Thanks for the quick suggestion! ^^ Wow,Shiina and Aiz are identical,that's true!Eh,I wouldn't say that I'm a fan of love at first sight (and yes,as you said,it's not that romantic,I agree).It's just that,to me it doesn't really matter that much how two characters fall in love with each other,as long as the love story that is gonna develop will be of impact.Something memorable,you know.That's why,as I said,I wanna see more of Aiz:aside from the love story thing,there's a lot of stuff that is still unknown about her.Well,Hestia is Hestia! xD Either you hate her,or like her enough to bear with her! xD Harems are just that:you wish a girl doesn't fall in love with the main protagonist,and bam,that's exactly what will happen.Guess it's a common thing,but it wastes so many possible couples!I'm also guessing that this sense of frustration and sadness is felt mostly by girls spectator,since you women are much more sensitive towards those things,wich is something beautiful ^^ Hey,this Yoshiki doesn't want to leave you,with his voice actor being in Re:Zero,too xD You dropping Shoujo tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu was a good thing.No point in watching something that annoys you.I feel you,the happy yet sad childhood friend is way too overused,with them always falling in love with the main char.Not that it annoys me,I'm just "Oh,another one of these.Ok,I guess".Don't worry about that,I don't mind listening to your rants ^^ I can feel how you really care about some things,some characters,how you want things to go on a different path.You sure have a lively mind,and I love that! ^^ I'm sure I'd never be tired of reading your thoughts on things,so again,don't worry,and rant all you want! ^^

Well,sorry for the really late reply.As I mentioned,I've been (and still am) really busy with some things this summer,but I'm trying to be active here,too.Oh,and the message wasn't too long,at all!I enjoyed every single bit of reading it ^^ Feel free to reply whenever you want,and write whatever you want,too,being rants and whatnot!I'll be here,to listen! ^^ Write to you soon,Cat,and as always,have a great day! ^^

Sep 12, 2016
Xercus says...

thanks u ^^

Aug 31, 2016