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Hello Everyone,You never know what to write on these things do you... ^.^......

What can i say?

I Love Anime... There you go...:P..

ook oook.... I'll do it properly ^.^

Where to start..

My favourite Genre of anime used to be strictly Action like Dragonball Z and Naruto. 

But i picked up Clannad and after 3 episodes dropped it thinking it was terrible, to girly for me. 2 Weeks later i watched it all, I couldnt resist not wanting to know what happened. Since then my Genre for Anime has been pretty wide. I've seen some crazy and Funky Anime and some incredible love stories and amazing comedies. 

I recently started Yuri and watched Strawberry Panic and was surprised to find i didnt find it akward or diffrent it felt like every other love story i watched and have watched various Yuri since then.

So my Fav Genre, I would have to say pretty much anything. I'm very indecisive when it comes to a new Anime so i tend to spend Hours pouring over recs ( <3 A-P for this system ) to find something that strikes my fancy. 

I have recently found a Random Selector on Google and now i list 10 anime and let it decide for me :)

Thats how i came across some pretty strange and some amazing anime.

I Love all things Anime, Manga, Visual Novel and Japan.

Spose i'm a Dirty Otaku, But it's who I am and I Enjoy it ^.^

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13Girl says...

Hi! Nice profile!!! ^_^  You should try watching Fushigi Yugi, even though it's a romantic comedy, it still has fighting and everything. It's my most favorite anime of all times!!!! ^_^ Also try watching Fruits Basket. Again it's a romantic comedy, but it has fighting in it. It's my favorite as well!!!! Sorry that both of them are romantic comedies, but there is mothing wrong with watching them.  ;D  If you don't like them, it's ok. Different people have different tastes, right? Oh and sorry for a kind of long comment. Ok, I'm going to stop now!! Bye!!!! =P

Sep 24, 2007
1010rikku says...

Welcome!! and if you LOVE anime, you have definitly come to the right place!! come join the fun in the forums...don't be shy! most of us don't bite ;)

Sep 7, 2007