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Sora no Otoshimono


Sora no Otoshimono was a rather strange anime at first. It was completely random while still holding a main plot line. Sometime it had me just scratching my head thingking WTF did I just watch. But this anime was pretty darn good. 

The action sequences was pretty decent and the art and music was amazing. The story line was a little hard to follow at times but everything makes a little better sense the more you watch it. Theres alot of random goofyness added into the main plotline which makes it times feel like a serious storyline but at other times its just plain silly.

Overall it was a great story and both season was pretty immense and the Movie was a bit of a glorfied retelling of both anime seaons but in the latter half it picks up and becomes its own story which was amazingly good, if somewhat short.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants a little light hearted romance, some crazy random funnyness and a touch of seriousness when the time permits.


Kaera avatar Kaera
Jun 27, 2014

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