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My bunny family.

This is the list of my bunny family. So far there are only 2 bunnies there, but the list will grow in time. To be a part of my bunny family the character must be liked by me, and the character must have a connection to bunnies or rabbits.

My faves in AKB0048

I just LOVE these characters. They aren't in any order, because I can't choose a favorite. They are all very cool.

My faves in Love Live.

Niko is number 1! She is amazing. I am very unsure about Maki and Nozomi, they something switch places, and sometimes go back again, but Niko is number 1!

Spring 2013 list

I'm going to check these out, but not sure if I will watch all of them. It all depends.

Top 5 winter 2013

This is from 1-5. 1 is the best, while 5 is the last best. I really like all of them, but that is my option season winter 2012-2013