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10 MAR

I have been watching a lot of anime this season. Some are better then other, but this blog is about Amnesia. First of all, I began watching it randomly. None of my friends watch it, just me. They think it is boring, but I disagree. This is my view about it.


The characters + plot:

 The plot is slow. She forgets her memories. Orion is her only guide. I happen to like Orion. He is an okay character. Shin is a bit bitter, and I don't like bitter characters. Ikkyu is a bit boring, but I like the thought of popular guy liking the plain girl. Kent is my favorite! He is smart, and he figures that Heroine lost her memories. Sadly he didn't get so much screen-time. I believe Kent would have found an solution for the amnesia. Toma is okay. I happen to like the protective ones too. Toma is also quite happy, which I like.

Like I said, the plot is slow, but it begins to make sense. It needs to be slow, because if the plot was fast nothing would make sense. I have a theory, but I want to keep it as a secret. Because of this theory, I think the plot needs to be slow. From episode 8 it starts to get exciting. A huge cliffhanger.


The art + music:

 The art is amazing. The guys are drawn amazing, and that is a reason why to watch it. To be honest, I rather watch a nice drawn anime, then a bad drawn anime. The reason is because art, quality and sound makes the anime look exciting.

I am not really into opening and ending songs, but this anime has a nice OP and ED! I like both songs, so I can't avoid them. Ray is an amazing artist! Which gives the anime another plus! The ED and OP is worth checking out.


I was unsure if I should watch amnesia, but something said I would regret if I didn't, which is true.

Even trough Amnesia might not be the best anime, but I think the anime is fun to watch. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like slow plots that require thinking behind the “box”.


The full ED:


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