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TheVampireLastat says...

what is that avi from!?!? i love it!

Feb 19, 2010
ThePatches says...

I'm gonna be lurking on your Sasameki Koto thread. I normally enjoy yuri anime quite a bit, but was so burned by Aoi Hana that I'm not quick to pick this one up. Your prelim assessment is encouraging, but well... Anyway, look forward to hearing your thoughts. ;)

Oct 17, 2009
sothis says...

Oh nice! TTGL is still on my w2w list...

Just 'anime reviews', specific/current are definitely staying. :) Check out the site announce thread for the full details, it's the most recent update (I posted it just this morning, thought I'd go around warning people as I'd hate to see the reviews go away! ^_^)

Oct 12, 2009
sothis says...

Hi lenaxia ^_^

Just wanted to see if you knew yet about the new personal reviews feature on the site? ^_^ I'm going to be removing the forum reviews section within about a month (which includes deleting all of the content in there) and am hoping people will migrate their reviews out into the personal reviews so people on the site can continue to read them. 

To add a personal review just go to any entry, click the 'reviews and discussion' tab, and there's a link to add your own review. They work like blogs so you can add pictures/video if you want too, and there are optional score fields. This feature is up for both manga/anime. More info on the feature is in the Site Announcements section of the forum :D

Ttys! ^_^

*side note: wow, you have a really striking sig - can I ask where it's from?

Oct 12, 2009