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Sherlock... and a Vampire

29 APR

I finally finished Sherlock series 2 since my friend was kind enough to let me be a total freeloader and watch shows on her Netflix account. So, if you're familiar with how Sherlock is progressing, you'll understand that I have sooo many feels right now. :P

However, I've been able to keep my mind off the terrible cliffhanger that Sherlock had with Rosario+Vampire. 

A friend of mine advised me to watch it, and I finally got around to it after weeks of avoiding it. 

I didn't think I'd like it since most ecchi series end up disappointing me because of their lacking ability to provide entertainment through anything other than panty shots. Rosario was a completely different experience. The show is so light-hearted, sweet, and hilarious that the panties just feel like  a bonus, and not like the entire driving force of the show. 

I don't know what I'll watch after it, though. >.< Perhaps Soul Eater.

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