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Releashi Apr 12, 2013

I suppose not, we're just both lame :P What did you think of Sword Art online? Did you see all the series or just the 1st one?

Releashi Apr 8, 2013

You took like 3 years! I got people to mess up your user page with sillines!

Ziev217 Nov 22, 2009

A quiet man wearing a trench coat and cat ears enters your room, staring at you somberly before approaching.  He hands you a copy of Clannad.

"If you don't cry at least five times, we'll never be friends..."

He leaves the room with the cold copy of the anime still clutched in your hands.

Sheila Nov 16, 2009

"What a mess here! Pile of papers at the door... can't this girl even clean her house properly?" says a girl that entered your house as well.

"Oh, it's yours... I could have guessed" she says when she spots Hab. "And by the way why didn't you wait for me? Rushing somewhere all the time and leaving me behind, not very nice of you" *glares at Hab*

"And now why the hell did I come here... That's my selective memory..."

"ahem... that's my house, you know?"

"Oh, of course! Thank you for reminding me! Welcome!" said the strange girl as she hugged you and kissed you on a cheek