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Annalyn says...


Okay, so if you mean connections to find the Spice and Wolf manga online, I don't have any - I only read web comics and amatuer stories online, so I have to buy manga or borrow it from the library. You might have more luck if you ask in the forums. I mean, I suppose I could ask around on Twitter, but I'm not sure... the forums would still be the best option.

I do think it's complete, though - I remember seeing the full anime on Hulu a while back.

On another note, you seriously need an avatar. And a signature background.... your profile looks plain ^_^

Aug 20, 2011
keero16 says...

I seriously just found this not even two days ago. Try these videos and see if they work. http://www.animecrazy.net/deltora-quest-episode-list/

Aug 7, 2011
Annalyn says...

Hm... If you can't find the right place, just start a new thread in the "general anime" section. Just start by saying that you couldn't find a specific place for the question, and feathers shouldn't get too ruffled.

And, by the way.... You need an avatar. And a signature.

Feb 11, 2011
Annalyn says...

Hm... I'm guessing you be K, finally checking out anime planet. Welcome!


Feb 1, 2011