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VanillaCream Oct 20, 2014

Sorry I didn't take notice to your comment earlier, but I see that we do indeed share some of the same taste. Although that seems the same, I do kind of rate anime on a harsher/critical basis, due to my exposure of it.

On another note, I see that we liked some mecha anime, but do you have any preferred genres? Also thanks for the compliment, since I usually think that my tastes are a bit out there.

Vicanti Oct 18, 2014

Hey =D . I just wanted to say that I love a lot of the shows you've watched (TTGL, Code Geass,  Angel Beats, etc etc) and you have a great taste in characters. I also heard from a particular friend of yours that you and me and a bunch of common interests and basically share the same idealologies and I find that very awesome. I'd love to talk about anime and whatever else with you. You should totally hit me up on skype or something man. Have a good day =D .