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wakenblake Dec 8, 2011

Wahhh really fuk i think i no y but wont say it tell me wat u think  the problem is and u have it under warrenty dont u its been less than a year

wakenblake Dec 6, 2011

i love fuuko why is she on ur hate list?n u done with shadow of collosi brin g ot dils if so n tell ur sis she sucks at disgaea4

wakenblake Dec 6, 2011

on fukin the 2nd season of mr dispair and yo i tried watchin c3 or ca3 depends on the site n on n just started the 3rd im proly una drop it later on but u got to check it out 1st ep u think u no how the shows guna play out same with the 2nd ep but then near the end BOOM i was lost thought i skiped an ep but nope it just a huge wtf

wakenblake Nov 15, 2011

u have 2 check out Jigoku Shoujo its like mirai nikki in the fucked up way n im just in the middle of the 1st ep soo good its not on animeseason or freak so heres a good link


wakenblake Nov 15, 2011

wtf u wont watch oron host club but ull watch loveless i fuking hate u erie