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wakenblake Jan 22, 2012

i dont no wat u do at home but i watch anime even wen im at dylans i watch anime u can ca5ch up sinc im on an anime block like fuk dont no wat 2 watch now

wakenblake Jan 19, 2012

wow i bet u watched 3 min of it wen it gets to the scary stories or the river scene dnt no wat comes first it gets funny 2nd ep is funny 2 n u call that gay. dude loveless T_T.........................so gay not gay as in ew gay, gay as in the show is about 2 gay guys fukin callin out my show ill call out urs

P.S watch Apocalypse Zero read it was the most violent anime ever

wakenblake Jan 17, 2012

ur a nub yo didnt com thru i brought tekken i work every day 6pm u scard ull lose n i dont like waitin in summer to much but the ordarny life of highschool boys is funny

wakenblake Jan 15, 2012

might b workin idk fukin my manager makes the schedule on wensday n donts put it up till sumday fukkin retard

LegendZero Jan 14, 2012

LOL kick my ass in tekken, been taking it easy on you. LETS SEE WHAT YOU GOT.

Watch "Another" its good fucking creepy but good. ill come on monday to dylans if ur gonna b there. i dont like coming on weekends.