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Hello Anime/Manga fans,

You ended up on my profile! So does that mean you want to know about me?

My nationality is Dutch! (In other words I’m from the Netherlands).

My Hobby’s are: Gaming, Watching Anime & Movies, Drawing, and learning about new things!

I am addicted to Anime! But I guess I am not the only one who has this problem?  :P

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Elwing Fan art by me!

The first Anime that I have seen was Love Hina. I say it’s my first but it’s not really the first anime I had seen. Some anime I have seen on TV but did not know it was anime…

But before I go all out on the subject of Anime I will finish it with this: From all my experience with watching anime I have to recommend everyone to at least watch 2 episodes of a Anime series before you decide to quit watching it! Many Anime need their story to unfold and that can be a little boring… But! That doesn’t mean that the whole Anime is boring! There are many Anime that need a little intro but mostly it’s done in the first episode.

I am always looking for Recommendations!!! I watch everything! Even Drama! as long as the story makes up for the Drama involved! So if you have any recommendations then leave me a comment! I will tell you if I liked it when I’m done watching.


Anime top of all time! (anime that makes you want to watch it over and over)

1: Kingdom (Story 9/10, Animation 10/10, Characters 9/10, Total: 28/30)

2: Kaichou wa Maid-sama! (Story 9/10, Animation 8/10, Characters 10/10, Total: 27/30)

3: Sword Art Online (Story 10/10, Animation 8/10, Characters 8/10, Total: 26/30)

4: Kimi ni Todoke (Story 9/10, Animation 7/10, Characters 9/10, Total: 25/30)

5: Angel Beats! (Story 9/10, Animation 7/10, Characters 9/10, Total: 25/30)




Drawings are done by me!

Second drawing: Elwing (Fan art)

Last drawng: Chu x Chu (Fan art)

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Termia Feb 13, 2014

Ja, heb ik ook, hoewel het wel iets heeft. Ik zal binnenkort nog eens over men anime lijst kijken, en die goed vergelijken met die van jou om te zien of er nog dingen in ontbreken die je leuk zou vinden :)

LegendSama Feb 13, 2014

Looking for new Anime Recommendations! Leave a comment if you have a recommendtion for me!

xCanaxCherry Feb 13, 2014

Ohh, mkay, I'll fix that later *sigh* it's kinda hard to find decent pics of Death Note..

In the subs that I watched it in, they called him the gof of war ^_^ So maybe he's both?

Termia Feb 13, 2014

SAO 2 zou net zo goed moeten worden, aangezien het de light novel zeer closely volgt.

Log Horizon is een anime die erop lijkt, maar zich meer op gameplay richt. Het verhaal is net zo goed, met als enige nadeel dat hij nu nog airt :P

xCanaxCherry Jan 23, 2014

I saw your comment on Poisonlove's profile, if you wanna watch the abridged series of Naruto just watch it on YouTube. It can be found on many different channels.