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Hey fellow anime lovers! I am an Applied Mathematics graduate starting on my Honours year. Besides anime, I like to play RPG games and am most looking forward to Final Fantasy XV. I also like to read books on mathematics (thus my major) and physics. My playlist is composed almost entirely of anisongs, and those that aren't are instrumental pieces.

I usually watch every anime in a given season as long as it isn't BL. My ratings tend to the high end because I rate by range as follows : 5 stars = 90-100, 4.5 stars = 80-89, 4 stars = 70-79, and etc. Those in the 5 and 4.5 stars category are also for me to know which shows are worth watching again in the future.

I don't really have a preferred genre, only the mood for a particular kind of genre. Although I tend to not like mecha anime, and on the flip side I prefer anime with romance in them. Usually.

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CrimsonSunShine May 29, 2011

Oh, I play the visual novels for Clannad, but I never got into the anime. And I know it is, but I've watched School Days, whch is also similar... Er, I just heard things about it...I may decide to not watch it, since if I do, I'll be scarred for life! But if there's alot more to it than well...that, then I could try it! I'm not sure!

CrimsonSunShine May 27, 2011

I checked out your anime list, and loved characters! You sure have watched alot of anime... Which one is your all time favorite?

Nayume816 Feb 28, 2011

whats uni? :o  I no.. I dont have much time for it either :/ lol

Nayume816 Feb 27, 2011

Ty^^ and I hope I didnt bother u by adding u and commenting *shurgs*  er I was new yesterday and decided to add ppl who seemed friendly/ socialable etc lol anywayz how are u?^^

Nayume816 Feb 26, 2011

hi^^ I just joined today and hope we can become a great friend^^