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CrimsonSunShine avatar CrimsonSunShine


May 31, 2011

Okei, I'l ladd those three animes to my want to watch list!

Maybe I don't have a trend in anime. As you guessed, I do like tragedies... I like horror, psychological and mysteries as well, and romance too. Sort of like a blend of all those elements, I suppose? But I watch random slice of life animes as well... Yes, I'll watch just about anything. And I have plenty of free time, so I'll watch alot more anime and my watched list will have...150 animes on it by the end of June! Maybe...






CrimsonSunShine avatar CrimsonSunShine


May 30, 2011

Exactly! Tomoyo's by far my favorite heroine of the story.

I don't particularly like School Days either. And I removed Yosuga no Sora from my want to watch list~ >:C

I see Haruka Morishima on your love list! She's on mine too! 8D

CrimsonSunShine avatar CrimsonSunShine


May 29, 2011

Oh, I play the visual novels for Clannad, but I never got into the anime. And I know it is, but I've watched School Days, whch is also similar... Er, I just heard things about it...I may decide to not watch it, since if I do, I'll be scarred for life! But if there's alot more to it than well...that, then I could try it! I'm not sure!

CrimsonSunShine avatar CrimsonSunShine

Great Profile!

May 27, 2011

I checked out your anime list, and loved characters! You sure have watched alot of anime... Which one is your all time favorite?

Nayume816 avatar Nayume816


Feb 28, 2011

whats uni? :o  I no.. I dont have much time for it either :/ lol

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