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Help out there do you think there's anything wrong with being if somebody chooses to be homosexual or be gay that's their choice do you think it's choice you think no I don't think waste I don't think anyone chooses to began but anybody can choose not to be if they so desire for many years and it took a lot of hard work and I know thousands there are thousands of men and women around this country have done so I know it's possible yes yes if gay were a choice a everyone would make the choice to be straight and the thing as society makes it so difficult to be gay in the first place when we're all seventeen years old going to the junior-senior prom with some girl and you really want to make this work and you want to conform to society you want to do well what we're supposed to do if there was acre at that moment everybody would take Safer Colon  back your but they’re been a lot of good counseling and good therapy in this country is well there there's two kayakers and psychologists in this country have worked on homosexuality but they didn't understand I went to a lot of those therapists but they hadn't been there misses you Richard that we had agues on the show last season call he was Mary Gristgriffiss engines on the show did you see this I didn't see she's heron believe he could change himself as well he committed suicide because he couldn’t change itself and Bob and her son they didn't get good counsel I know how painful it is years do you have to go do I went to preacher.

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