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Got lotsa health problems, but also am quirky, unique, weird, open, honest, respectful(usually), considerate, loving, needy(ish), supportive(I try anyway..), fun loving, creative, musical, lover of all sorts of good music, a bit artistic, I play harmonicas, the Djembe and shaker/rattle.  I like to drum but don't have actual pro drums.  I like card games, board games, bored games..  I smoke weed.  Yeah don't get all upset.. I don't smoke aaaall the time and not looots of it.  Sometimes I just can't handle a joint if it's just 2 of us.  I can be lazy but I prefer not to be, though I do enjoy relaxing, and naps when I need them.  I'm not the greatest at managing my life but with God's help and the support of my friends I'm getting better.  I'm kinda fat btw.  Yeah don't be a twit about it.  ;D  So yeah I'm just me, I'm also a Mormon..  Cheers, God bless, Peace n Pot yo!

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