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skrotkanon Jan 4, 2012

Who doesn't like Nicholson anyway? One of the best no doubt!

I hafta protest against the notion that all fantasy is about the same thing. While JRPG's somewhat suffers from this there are games like Valkyria Chronicles, Valkyrie Profile and Vagrant Story that tells otherwise. And it's perfectly possible to write a clichéd story that is still endearing. Final Fantasy IX is a Dragonball ripoff but also my favourite Final Fantasy. Oh, FFXII tried to do something else too. Calling Vaan the protagonist is a joke. Balthier is the leading man after all. :3

When it comes to books there's of course A Song of Fire and Ice but also Assassin's Apprentice and the books about Thomas Covenant. Tbh I don't even like the Lord of the Rings, f*ck all happens for 200 pages and not much after that either.

But I know this is because of the demographic, coming of age tales works for teenagers and Square will probably never move away from them. Still, what they've been writing these past years isn't just adolescent, it's bad.

I suppose you have to play further into the story to like Cloud. He's mentally unstable so I guess people think he's deep and all that. Honestly, FFVII has not held up well. Only FF games that has stood the test is IV, VI and IX.

FFXIII-2 will be fucking puke if X-2 is any indication.

I saw Versus was for the PSP so I might just pick it up. They haven't actually used the old combat system since IX btw. XIII is similar though only with even more flash. People have tried evolving the combat in Star Ocean 2 and so far everyone has failed. Only exception is Tales of Symphonia.

I suppose this is a crisis for the whole japanese gaming industry. Capcom as well as Atlus still releases good games. There's also FROM and Platinum games but their production speed is low.

Only part japan still reigns supreme is fighting games. Though apparently the Mortal Kombat is very good. Still - BlazBlue, Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and King of Fighters. I suppose Namco releases fighting games but they feel more shallow than SSBBrawl.

Best RPG series right now is probably the new Fallout games. While the writing is just decent you can actually roleplay there. While Mass Effect II and Skyrim are both great games there is very little you can do in the way of roleplaying your character. Are you a goodie or a meanie is usually the extent of it.

Och gott nytt år.

skrotkanon Dec 17, 2011

In reverse order!

I actually really like Tim Burtons batmans movies, the penguin is still the best batman villain on the screen. And I don't think Nicholsons joker is less impressive than Ledgers, they're just very different so hard to compare. Nicholson apparently read a shitload of batman comics to try and get into the role and so he's a lot closer to how the joker "is". Ledgers version is just freaky as f*ck, more a deranged murderer than a lunatic.

And yeah, whenever people hype anytyhing it never is as good as they tell you.   But I don't remember being superhyped about the Dark Knight. I knew nothing about it, it was just a new Batman movie. If I'm gonna pick your side here I guess comic book geeks are starved for good movies with their heroes. The spiderman movies went from decent to lol, all the superman ones suck and those are the bigger ones. (I like the first two Burton batman movies and the first Iron Man movie is a great popcorn flick) Nolans batman movies are like good thrillers with the worlds most famous vigilante. I mean, they are good movies. Good actors, good writing, cool action, high production values all over. The world isn't exactly spoiled with wellmade superhero flicks, so it probably got way more hype than it should due to being about the goddamned batman.

I am very ambivalent these days when it comes to Square. I like most of the FF games (or I did when i grew up) but the problem is that they have the same target demographic for their games as they did when FFVIII was new. It's still melodrama with teenagers saving the world. Or well, FFIX and VI wasn't like that and I suppose that's why those are my favourites. On the other hand, Nomura should be fired and banned from ever designing another character.

Pause for calming down...

His problem is that all his characters are so very overdesigned. There's belts, wonky haircuts, weird capes and emblems all over the place. It can be alright in small doses I guess. Also, that good friend of his who wrote FFX-2 and XIII should be tried for crimes against humanity. (Smaller break here.) I don't know what you think about XIII but I found it to be the most inane game they've released, perhaps ever. The characters were shallow and unsympathetic, the dialogues consisted loads of words yet they never said anything of worth. And was there ever a story? You made your way to Hopes house, then to Gran Pulse and then I stopped playing.

The combat was alright but I soon found a tactic that worked on every single trashfight in the game and another for the bosses. It was a chore to play after that. I read this review that thought the game had been made only by designers. It looks great. The characters, the environments, the monsters, bosses etc. But the same thoughtprocesses went into designing combat. It had to look and feel cool, only they forgot to make it interesting.The characters flip around like ragdolls, smack the enemies fifteen meters into the air, jumps after and starts dishing out the hurt. Totally cool but it got silly after a few hours.

I guess the game is simply shallow. It looks, sounds and plays totally cool but there is no depth to the mechanics and no actual difficulty. Yeah, I do care about Square. They've made some of my favourite games but I have yet to like a game relased by them for the current generation.

Or well, I liked playing Dissidia (a lot) but the writing was cringeworthy to say the least. I don't suppose it's the same guy?

If you have to know what I like in the current gen it's Mass Effect 2, the Uncharted games, Valkyria Chronicles (Best game of the generation probably) and of course Dark Souls. And also more or less every 2D fighter released for every console, it's a addiction of mine.

The old Vampire (the masquerade) was steeped in christian symbology. (The first vampire was Cain) Vampire the recquiem has a faction of christian vampires who believes Longinus was the first vampire but there is no proof of it. It's all very open ended, the whole game is immensely open ended.

Final point, I also love Burton's movies with a few exceptions. He combines silly and freaky like noone else. But he has made shit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the perhaps worst role I've seen Johnny Depp in ever. :3

skrotkanon Dec 15, 2011

If you're ever able to you should look up Vampire the Recquiem, definitely my favourite vampires out there. They're simply humans cursed to live eternally in the shadows of civilisation becoming more and more debased as the years goes on.

And I hear you about Jane Austen, the plots are terribly uninteresting, BUT(!); the characters and their interactions are incredibly well written so it doesn't really matter what the books are about since I simply like reading the dialogue.

If you have the money to spare (and a PS3 (both big if's...)) you really should play Dark Souls. It'll keep you busy for potentially hundreds of hours. I've started playing the game again after a "break" (like I'm still some kind of WoW addict) and it's still the most fun I've had with a game since Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was released.

The whole point of Nolans Batman movies are Heath Ledgers joker. The first one definitely isn't THAT good but I do like the second one a lot (See the above). At least Bale is better than the batman in Tim Burtons movies, that guy's a comedian for chrissake! Honestly though, I saw the Dark Knight three times on the big screen and got goose bumps every time.

Also, the name Gothcon is derived from Gothenburg, not from goths. :3 It's swedens biggest annual board and roleplaying games convention. You should check it out!

skrotkanon Dec 3, 2011

Feel the same way about Sopranos, the first two seasons was great but then it went downhill slowly and I just lost interest. SOA has been great since episode one, it really is impressive how they manage to keep things interesting for four seasons so far. Only other show that's managed that while keeping a recurring story going is Fringe. Dexter is a lot like Sopranos in that aspect I guess. First two seasons are freakin amazing and then it goes downhill. I'll keep watching but it really isn't anything special anymore.

What's the difference between tabletop and pen and paper roleplaying? You mean like Heroquest or something...? It's new World of Darkness mainly, you mentioned you liked vampires so you playing Vampire:tM or V:tR wouldn't be much of a surprise. All my best campaigns have been in those two games.

I got the deluxe edition of Eon actually but I've moved further and further away from the kind of roleplaying it represents. Combat is slow, the characters feel more like numbers, than well, characters and for some reason the writing makes me laugh unintentionally. Only campaign that ever got somewhere was one where we had a necromancer who kept a bunch of pigs in their traveling wagon for combat, turned out pigs were perfect for channeling magic...

I kind of have a problem with all the descriptions in some novels. Books aren't a visual media, why try making it one? My favourite author is probably Jane Austen. She has barely any descriptions of anything in her stories, it's all just characters talking. Everything is brought forward by the characters themselves. The plots might not be terribly interesting but her writing is immaculate (which is not a word I use lightly ;).

And yeah, WoW haven't been on my mind since I wrote my last message. I simply don't care any more. Which as you said, is nice.

Dark Souls is FROM Software, a japanese company. Their games can be described as the eastern take on Elder Scrolls. They have very little dialogue and is instead only about exploring. The older games lack compelling mechanics but have great atmosphere. Dark Souls have great mechanics and awesome atmospeher combined with the most fucked up designs seen in a fantasy game. Some of the monsters put most horror games to shame. You could even say it is a bit like a survival horror game. The game hates you and it will kill you over and over again. Either you lose hope (which many actually do!) or you press on until you've finished the whole thing.

I tried Batman Arkham City a bit and while it was a fine, highly polished game it felt a bit like a hollywood blockbuster. Evereything was just great, but there was nothing special about it whatsoever. On the other hand, there is nothing whatsoever like Dark Souls released this year. I'm not gonna say it's perfect, but it is incredible.

Also tried the DIII-beta. There was enough for the DII guys to feel at home while there still being loads of interesting changes. Hopefully they'll keep that balance throughout the game, then it'll be as great as the hype.

My kid brother moved to Göteborg recently (he got work at some game developer I think) but I'm still up in Västerås. I will hopefully come down to Gothcon though. You don't by chance know Helios or what's-his-name? We had anime conventions up here a long time ago and apparently the SSBM-elite resides down in Göteborg so one of them came up here to showcase their skills. :3 lol memories

skrotkanon Nov 27, 2011

Was some time ago I watched SOA, I just remember I thought the Complex episodes were the best part and season 2 was a lot better due to more intrigue and less quoting.

And I know where you're coming from with a lot of todays comedy. Funniest show I've seen in a long time is actually BBC's Sherlock, it's Holmes in modern society. Great writing and acting and funny in that smart, british way. And it's "Married, with children!". Katey Sagal, the mother plays a role in Sons of Anarchy. Apparently the wig she's wearing in Våra Värsta År was a gag she brought when she tried for the role. The producers liked it and her so much she kept it for the whole show. Sons of Anarchy is like Sopranos with outlaw bikers so if that's your thing you should check it out.

Cool thing with The Walking Dead is that it's a drama show set in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested USA. It's slow and most of the screentime is used for dialogue and character development. Though there is of course a blood and guts, hell it's a lot more violent than most horror movies released these days. (Not counting torture porn mind you)

Dexter has been going downwards since season 2, I keep watching because I love Dexter himself but the rest really is up and down. Apparently there will be a season seven and eight too. Season six is pretty good so far, watchable+ or something. Though I haven't watched it in a few weeks and aren't missing it so there's that.

For me it comes and goes, I like having a book to read and a show to watch so if the urge grabs me I can just do it. I like shows more than movies actually since you can spend so much more time making the characters interesting and developing a setting. It might also have to do with me writing roleplaying campaigns in a very similar way to how a lot of shows are written these days.

And yeah, I really don't care about Mists of Pandaren. I think I can finally, after six years say that I don't feel that WoW-urge gnawing in the back of my head anymore. It's been fading over time but I just don't care any longer. Of course they'll still be stealing my money, I mean who won't be buying Diablo III?

If you want something to keep you busy meanwhile you should check out Dark Souls. It's a real old-school hardcore RPG. It's just you, your sword and your shield against a huge world inhabited by a slew of vicious monsters all set to kill you. It's hard to describe Dark Souls in half a paragraph but if you have any love for exploring and hard games you need to check this out. I haven't cared shit for the gaming industry in years but this game gives me hope. It's the most amazing experience I've had with anything in a very long time.

And maybe I should cut it short here, I just got in a writing mood. Looking forward to your reply! ;3