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DaughtryDragon97 says...

*waves* hello! Thanks for good luck comment! ^_~ Lol, still trying to pass the A's. O.O 25 more letters to go.....

 Air is amazingly good. I still think about it with a passion. <3 Grab a tissue box, though. :)

Jan 13, 2008
DeusVult says...

OMG I never listed Mahoromatic as watching, your so observant thankie! I see you have it listed as your number 1. Now Im realu going to have to finish it soon. ^^

Jan 13, 2008
NiteShado says...

Yeah, I had played mu for 4 years and couldn't think of anything else to use as my avatar.

Jan 13, 2008
Hollowichigo00 says...

lol thanks for liking my avatar, yours is cool too. always liked elfen lied. still have to rewatch that too, its been forever since ive seen it. good top 5 by the way

Jan 13, 2008
HonyaChan says...

thx, i always liked climatic bio,i think they  kinda suited my likings  but thats another story. nice to  meet someone who has the same origin as mine. if you have some questions bout  animes i  know  or myself , feel free to ask. Then il try to provides you desire .  but putting this aside you also gave some  interesting  titles in your history , and yours avatar is  so familiar to one  of my  best series.

well we'll be seing each other  here more times i guess. think of it as a greeting from  other otaku. see you next time

Jan 13, 2008