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Garnold avatar Garnold

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 14, 2008

Thanks for praising it ;) I just wanted to describe, how it all begun :D And as you've already noticed - the same title druged us in ;) (and I can say, that we are not the only ones - my friend was also lured by this title into anime world ;) )

cassiesheepgirl avatar cassiesheepgirl


Jan 14, 2008


 Yeah so far I'm enjoying it, not too far in though. :)

cyruss2007 avatar cyruss2007

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 14, 2008

Thanks for the  recommendation ;)  one more adition to my anime list :D

bunnyfingers avatar bunnyfingers


Jan 13, 2008

Yeah, that's why they're probably not my top 5... well they may be.  :P  I don't really know if these five are my absolute top 5, I've seen waaaaayyyy too much anime in a relatively short amount of time to see it all in, so these are merely representative of some of the animes I've found exceptional.  Make sense?  Hopefully :P

skye456 avatar skye456


Jan 13, 2008

Well, my friend watched mahoromatic and mahoromatic 2, but she said the 2nd one wasn't as good. So I was trusting her on that, but it depends, I will see how I feel after I watch mahoromatic.

As for my won't watch list...Well, I was very bored a few days in a row and just sort of read the descriptions, but a lot of them are coming off now, because people reccommend certain ones, and if I've known them for a little while I usually trust them. ^-^

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