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♥ 26 years old, a little pessimistic, NEET female living in Finland.
♥ Started with Pokémon in '99 and Sailormoon in '01. Since then I've been actively watching anime and reading manga.
♥ I'm also rabid collector of anime & videogame goodies. I like static figures and nendoroids, cups and coasters, rubber straps and other misc goodies.
♥ My favourite anime genre are horror, shounen, samurai and psychological  ~but my overall taste is somewhat wide. However I prefer my shoujo as manga.
♥ ...On the other hand I don't tend to like ecchi, harem or BL series, yet there are few exceptions in each of those categories. I try to be broad-minded.


Current anime status
I've got terrible backlog going on with last few seasons. I missed last weeks of spring season due holidays and then Summer season pushed through with surprisingly large amount of quality series.

And now A-P's new personal suggestions (which is much better than MALgraph's equivalent) keeps reminding me how many potential older series I've yet to see. Too much anime everywhere! >n<;

Current manga status
Still re-reading my seinen, trying to buy rest of GANTZ and 20th Century Boys, and wondering where to get next Gundam: The Origin volumes for fair price seeing how Amazon doesn't want my money anymore. Stupid new shipping fees. ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

Note: I don't keep track of my read manga on A-P. I keep list of my physical manga at ANN Collections.

(All up to date, at the moment!)

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sothis says...

Just wanted to let you know I just found/watched/added this title ^_^


May 8, 2009