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Ai Ore! Love Me!

Apr 18, 2012

I have only read the first chapter, but i decided to drop it because in my eyes it didn't make sense to me.

The main issue i had was that in the descriptions of Blaue Rosen that i read, it said that a guy was supposed to be joining a girls band, but to me it just looks like it's a guy dressing like a girl to join a guys band. The art is good, but all of the "girls" just look like boys. Yeah, they're good looking, but more handsome than cute. This had potential to be a very interesting story, and in my opinion if you just change around some of the context you could make it so that it was a girl trying to join a boys band to sing with the one she loves (or throw in a twist and have it a boy dressing as a girl). 

Regardless of anything, i cannot further read this because of the way the characters were depicted even though they don't match their gender the slightest.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
3/10 overall
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CRWNofCLVRS Jun 25, 2015

I almost dropped it for this reason but I gave it a little longer and I'm glad I did. The whole thing with looking like attractive men is part of what makes the plot interesting. While the lead lady is dealing with her insecurities as a woman due to her manly charm the "lovely" leading man is constantly trying to show her how beautiful he thinks she is and how much he likes her. He also struggles a little with his own gender portrayal insecurities as he is constantly trying (and succeeding) to show her that he's manly enough to protect and care for her, and make her feel like a real woman.

blackmokona May 27, 2012

I agree, I too dropped this manga after the first chapter... Indeed, it was just impossible to keep reading it XD