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Beelzebub Review

18 AUG

1. Sensuous plane (5/5): Beelzebub made me laugh so much. It was hilarious and really enjoyable to watch, which is why it deserved a 5/5

2. Expressive plane (1/5): Nothing really stood out that brought out my emotions. I'm not saying I wasn't happy, it just wasn't that expressive. 

3. Sheerly Cinematic plane (4/5)

1. Character Depth (2/5): You don't really get to understand why the characters are the way they are. They do explore a bit about how Furuichi feels being constantly looked down by others, and how he can't match up to Oga Tatsumi, so that was good to know. You do explore a bit on Oga's childhood and his involvement with the Red Tails. But not much. However in the manga, it is starting to show the past of several characters, though a bit minor.

2. Plot (3/5): It's had some good arcs but, in the end the whole story itself doesn't seem to have progressed. It's like at the end of the arcs it goes back to where they started. Although this is not true, it gives a feeling of it. The plot didn't have much surprises, though. Some good arcs were the Tohoshinki Arc, Saint Ishiyama Arc, and the Akumano Academy Arc.

3. Ending (1/5 for anime) (manga has not ended): In the anime, it had a bad ending, it just wasn't that good.

4. Logic of that particular world (2/5): The fighting logic seemed to be off. Hidetora Tojo was one of the best fighters without demon power, and the strongest of the TKKH, but yet Himekawa beat him (manga). Then there's Behemoth's 34 Pillar Divisions. They seemed to be one of the toughest opponents that Oga Tatsumi had to face, but yet, they were all easily beaten Shinobu Takamiya. But yet at the same time Oga could match up to Takamiya. It just seems that the fighting strengths throughout the plot wasn't that steady.

5. Dialogue (3/5): Average

6. Extras:

     -Shipping: It has some good shipping especially with Aoi Kunieda and Oga Tatsumi. Generally I don't like dense characters, but with Oga its alright. 


In general, if you just want a laugh, I'd recommend it.

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