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For past month I've observed and studied all biographies I came by. Even though my notes on growing potatoes were inconclusive, I have found out, how to make the perfect bio.

Start off by writing your name and age, although they are likely the same as your username and that very small number below it. Follow it up by describing your boring life in detail, so you give material to stalkers and lose everyone else - don't forget to throw in a couple of generic cringy jokes! To spice things up, spam as many anime covers and pictures you can find - remember, the more they scroll, happier they are they reached the end. Now it's the time to link your other profiles on actual social networks, unless you have no life, in which case just write farewell and try to motivate people to post something on your wall, although it will most definitely be in vain, because something as simply following is way easier to do (actually, it's even easier passing by without doing either - so go on, run away! I don't care anymore).

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Zed60K Apr 22, 2017

i'm actually glad that it's that good, and that opening, omg, it reminds me of the old days. i think im gonna finish cowboy bebop soon to start it. tbh, i'm not a huge fan of the mecha stuff, not that it's bad. actually, the problem with paranoia agent was that it's very long, if it was turned into a movie, it would've been better 10 times, just like perfect blue (even tho i haven't watched it yet, waiting for the summer vacation :P). although i don't think i'll be able to drag it out for too long, so iguess i'll finish it in like 2 days or so? anyways, you overhyped me for it ^^

i noticed your want to watch list is dwendling, maybe i'll find you some shows that you might like.

durarara is my personal favourite, probably because of the characters and plot twists. it also has my favourite character of all time orihara izaya, the biggest troll of all time xD i'd as long as you can over come the first half of the show (the first 12 episodes are introducting into the setting and the characters, also very boring and long, you might drop the show), you're in for a treat.

one outs has the best describtion i've ever seen, and above all, it's made by madhouse, so that alone is a reason to watch it. i haven't watch it yet either tho, wow i haven't watch over half the shows i recommended for others.

thats all i can think of now, i'll look around more later, do you have certain genre preference to check for the moment?

FriendlyDemon Apr 21, 2017

Congratulations!! Drama is missing, but I guess you can mash it together with the romance genre.

When I assigned No. 6 to number 6 (lol) I instantly thought about you :D I am a big fan of change, so nothing tends to remain the same for to long in my case. Any toughts on my new top 10? (any criticism is welcomed and encouraged)

I understand your points but I can not 100% agree. Yes, you can express yourself (emotions, thoughts etc) through both mediums and yes, it depends on the person and their skill how well he/she transmits the message. But in order to estabilish a raport with someone, talking is better. True, even in verbal communication what we say accounts for only 7-10% and the rest is body language and tone of voice but I still consider it a better option then writing.

When I watched Highschool of the Dead I expected a more...serious anime. "I came for the idea, I stayed for the lolz!" would be a good way to summarize my experience. Sorry that I can't help you with an anime recommendation but I was pretty disapointed with most of the ones I saw recently.

Those god damn commas! I don't think anybody knows how they work! I just put them randomly in the text, hoping for the best.

I have never visited Slovenia so I know nothing about it.

FriendlyDemon Apr 17, 2017

You could try Highschool of the dead, it's similar to the walking dead.I had a few chuckles.

Then you have to agree with me that talking is more "honest" as you relate your thoughts sincerely.

You do take a long time before answering a comment but I don't think that your English is bad. Seems better than mine :) What is your native language?

I'll try to remember what you said when watching them and for sure I'll let you know what my opinion is.

FriendlyDemon Apr 16, 2017

If you celebrate: Happy Easter!!!

Zangetsu92 Apr 16, 2017

Also sorry to burst your bubble but don't you mean "hashiru" lol