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For past month I've observed and studied all biographies I came by. Even though my notes on growing potatoes were inconclusive, I have found out, how to make the perfect bio.

Start off by writing your name and age, although they are likely the same as your username and that very small number below it. Follow it up by describing your boring life in detail, so you give material to stalkers and lose everyone else - don't forget to throw in a couple of generic cringy jokes! To spice things up, spam as many anime covers and pictures you can find - remember, the more they scroll, happier they are they reached the end. Now it's the time to link your other profiles on actual social networks, unless you have no life, in which case just write farewell and try to motivate people to post something on your wall, although it will most definitely be in vain, because something as simply following is way easier to do (actually, it's even easier passing by without doing either - so go on, run away! I don't care anymore).

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zerothehero Feb 18, 2017

Wow, no soda and candy... Well what's your favorite fruit & vegatable then?

Oh, you don't live in the US?

Haha, I don't remember the code I put but I shall make a new one for you to solve. If it's even a code.

Oh, you saw the teacher thing before I deleted it? Well I was going to tell you about my science teacher but I decided not to after 3 minutes staring at my comment.

What do you mean?? I have an opinion on MTRC. I think it's a pretty good anime, but not the best though.

zerothehero Feb 18, 2017

Oh wait let me guess who D is. Hmm, could it be David, Damien, Dakota, Drake, Dean, Dale, Douglas, Derek, Dennis, Denis, Donald, Davis, ect.? (by the way, I found all the names here) Or maybe Daniel?? And you don't eat sugar anymore? But I though fruits had sugar as well. :/ Well, my favorite type of candy has to be chocolate and my favorite company is Hersey, or maybe Kit Kats, or Crunch.

Hahaha, what funny puns. My favorite has to be the one with a buncha animal, and the one with the counter. I'm pretty sure I heard the tomato joke before in a joke book. It was when I was in 3-4(?) grade but I still remember it perfectly. It was, "What did the fast tomato say to the slow tomato?", "Ketchup". I was the best joke I've ever heard. Here's another joke link here. Sorry if I already sent that. By the way, have you read my updated bio?

No no no it's fine. I have a lot of respect for you so it's fine.

Well, maybe Yukino is like that because she is jelous of her sister, Haruno. And maybe perhaps she was born that way. If so, I can't really blame her for being empty and dull.

Also, when I said that it displays high school life, I also said and the people that goes there (im 99.9% sure I said that). There's people like Hayato HAYAMA and his group of friends that are "popular", and then there's lonely people with no friends like Hikigaya and Yukinno. At least that's my inference based on things my brother told me.

Oh. I guess I did the math wrong then. :/ Did you have a nice Valentines Day?

ZeroGreninja Feb 18, 2017

It'll probably be better executed as an anime series than a movie haha.

I agree with you, the whole event pokemon in japan concept is pretty stupid. And the fact Pokemon or almost every nintendo franchise(Kirby, Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, etc) are not accessible to other consoles is lame too. It's like the same idea on how the Halo or Gears of War series are Xbox exclusive or how the Crash Bandicoot series was Playstation exclusive. Nintendo doesn't have a wide variety of video games unlike Xbox or Playstation.

I can agree once you beat the elite four and champion and have god-tier pokemon on your side it's like One Punch Man, you destroy everyone with one attack. To this day Nintendo still haven't provided some kind of end-game activities.

Since there's not much to do after defeating the elite four, I think people will either start a new playthrough, hunt for shiny pokemon, battle online, or do those nuzlocke challenges after they beat the game once.

I do think Pokemon is a glorious franchise... as a video game. The anime: hell no. God no. I have watched alot of the pokemon anime, but the anime is not good at all. The anime was aimed for kids < 5 years old.


ZeroGreninja Feb 17, 2017

First off, define fascinating. Was that sarcasm or are you genuinely fascinated?

To answer your question, I was a really, and I mean REALLY quiet person back in my high school especially freshman year back in 2010. I didn't try to socialize, I ate lunch alone in the cafeteria, all that jazz. I than would spend time with this group of people that I tried to be "friends" with. They only ended up busting my balls when they had any opportunity. They wouldn't bully me, but belittle me. Anyway at one point one of them caught me playing pokemon and they laughed at me saying stuff such as "you play pokemon?! That's so gay! What are you, a middle schooler? You should be playing Call of Duty or Halo. Not this baby nintendo stuff bro." From that day on I dropped pokemon and bought myself an xbox 360 and bought Halo though I never played online. I just did it to show I was 'hardcore'. 

Also it wasn't just because of those 'friends' of mine that made me hate pokemon. I bought pokemon black/white when it was released in 2011. Deep down inside I was still a pokemon fan of course and I was genuinely excited for pokemon black/white despite the titles of the games. However I did not enjoy pokemon black/white at all. Personally I thought it did not feel like a pokemon game. I didn't enjoy anything about it including the pokemon, the characters,etc, and I was slowly, but surely getting into xbox live and playing online as I was progressing through high school.

It wasn't until 4-5 years later when I was a freshman in college, where I pass that phase of hating pokemon. A close friend showed me his gameplay of the newest pokemon game Pokemon X(I still think Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are among the dumbest titles to this day). He kept encouraging me to buy it. Eventually I did ended up buying a copy and .. well the rest is history.

You want me real thoughts on pokemon from the current me? I think pokemon, from a general standpoint is a solid franchise. Its the little things that trigger me the most, like the change of button or in-game mechanics. I think pokemon is a franchise that a noobie can get into, but it is certainly not for everyone. I have friends who obsess over it, like me, and those who either hate the franchise or simply do not play it and I respect that. That goes for you too. If you don't like pokemon, that's perfectly fine with me. Just don't rain on my parade.

I asked you a question?? I don't remember doing that.. What did I ask you?

zerothehero Feb 16, 2017

Alright, I listen to your advice (sorta) and read the comments instead of watching the video of Paranoid Android. I actually enjoyed it more when I wasn't looking at the animations. And me being "brain dead" was a little bit offensive but it's fine.

Hahahaha, so funny right?! I found another funny joke (the link is here), "How does a train eat?" It goes chew chew!. Hahahaha you get it? The train go choo choo, and it eats by going chew chew! Hahaha

Alright then. The cons eh? Umm... well the characters are good and the romance part is not to hasty. Hikigaya is smart and his negative way of thinking is sometimes witty. The anime shows what high school is like and the people that goes to high school which gives me some information on what high school is like. So why do you like MTRC?

Hmmm, sure. Although I have to wait 5-6(?) more months until Halloween. What's your favorite candy?