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College student who wastes most of her life thinking about fictional characters. I like all genres but I'm not big on episodic, monster-of-the-week, sports, or slice-of-life.  

I'm thinking of going through and reevaluating my ratings. 

Funniest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Stories

Most romantic (or in this case lovey-dovey) anime I’ve seen: Fushigi Yuugi

Saddest anime I’ve seen: Clannad After Story

Most dramatic anime I’ve seen: Elfen Lied (story wise), Ef Tales of Memories (animation wise)

Most actiony anime I’ve seen: Fairy Tail

Boringest anime I’ve seen: Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito

Shortest anime I’ve seen: Hairy Tale (1 minute)

Longest anime I’ve seen: Dragon Ball series

Scariest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Hunt

Weirdest anime I've seen: Cat Soup

Anime with the most nudity: Sekirei

Anime with most character deaths: Code Geass

VAs I've Met:

Vic Mignogna

Johnny Yong Bosch

Christopher R. Sabat

Todd Haberkorn

Monica Rial

Cherami Leigh

Stephanie Sheh

Alexis Tipton

Greg Ayres

Things I love:

Stories with meaning/sybolism, Examples: Clannad After story (still trying to understand that one fully), Naruto (there is some), Wolf's Rain (which is mostely symbolic, at least to me (only because I am such a wolf freak which is why it makes me so sad)), Avatar the Last Airbender (lots of meaningfullness there), kick-ass women (Alice from Resident Evil, Alice from American McGee's Alice, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), anything with wolves, characters with developement, psychological stories, and fantasy.  

Things I don't like:

Stupid people (Paradise Kiss, Loveless, some side peoples in Strawberry Panic) Stories that have endings such as them waking up and it all being a dream and meaningless (first Pokemon movie).

Some Favorite Characters Not listed:

Larka (The Sight), Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender), Squall (FFxiii), Vivi (FFix), Serah (FFxiii), Noel (FFXiii-2), and Cheshire Cat (American McGee's Alice), and Fredrick (Eternal Sonata).  

Some OTPs:

Kurogane/Fai (Tsubasa), Homura/Madoka (Madoka), Axel/Roxas/Xion (KH), Riku/Sora/Kairi (KH), Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica), Clear/Aoba (DMMd), Jellal/Erza (Fairy Tail), Kagami/Kuroko (KnB), Future Gohan/Future Trunks (DBZ), Naruto/Sakura (Naruto), Yuuri/Wolfram (KKM), Shizuo/Izaya (Drrr), Tamahome/Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi), SaitoxLouise (Zero no Tsukaima), Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha), Yogi/Gareki (Karneval), Aladdin/Alibaba/Morgiana (Magi), Oz/Gil (Pandora Hearts), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Mikasa/Eren/Armin (SnK),  Barnaby/Kotetsu (T&B), Rin/Shiemi/Yukio (Blue Exorcist), Rita/Estelle (Tales of Vesperia), Kaworu/Shinji (Evangelion), Ed/Winry (FMA), Aang/Katara (Avatar), Ikuto/Amu (Shugo Chara), Soul/Maka (Soul Eater), Nami/Robin (OP), Fakir/Ahiru (Princess Tutu), Lelouch/Shirley (Code Geass),  Zero/Yuki (Vampire Knight), Germany/Italy (Hetalia), Makoto/Haru (Free!), Kyo/Tohru (Fruits Basket), Sebastian/Ciel (Black Butler)


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sayakamikies says...

Thanks for the welcome!

Sep 21, 2014
Velu says...

Oh, we talked a bit. It's not like they're ignoring me or anything. But we're in that phase when we're not sure yet what to talk about so every conversation drifts off quickly. And for some reason I feel nervous to break the silence. For example, I wanted to take a shower yesterday and felt like I should maybe ask the girls whether they wanted to go first but I couldn't do it. In the end, they both looked like they were immersed in their studying so I took the shower quickly and there wasn't any problem.

The good thing is that both of my roommates and the other girls living in our cell (which consists of two rooms and a shared bathroom) are med students so I think I won't have any issues studying long into the night here if I should need to because they probably have much more to study than I do. And I think it will motivate me to study regularly, too, because I would feel bad if I was watching movies or anime all the time and they were noses deep in their anatomy books all day long.

Really? I'm liking the second season so far though I admit I'm only halfway through. I think Lana Parrilla should be taking all the actor's awards there are for what she's pulling off with Regina this season.

You've made me scared to watch the third season. I wondered whether Peter Pan was going to appear, given that Hook was there already.

So, the poem's really heavy and creates quite impressive imagery. I like how the image shifts from chair to child and back - even methodically it seems like a really thought-through piece. You really pulled this off in class?

As for the story, the first thing that came to mind after reading your poem is that you seem to like to write in a circle (I know the method has a name but I don't recall at the moment). It works very well for what you're writing. I have to say that I perceived the wolves both symbolically and literally in the way that they brought an impression of the supernatural.

But even when perceived literally, I think it works well for the story because even in that state the symbol is still there all the way and it gives your story three levels: the artificial, the natural, the supernatural and the concept of freedom as well as being trapped can transcend all three. I think it leaves the reader even more to think about if they percieve it this way.

In short, I really like your story, it managed to capture my attention from the very start, I was impressed with your use of language and it left me thinking - all the things I expect a good story to be able to do.

Sep 20, 2014
waterdrop92 says...

Thank you for the welcome. Hopefully I can learn about a lot of awesome anime from this site.

Sep 18, 2014
Velu says...

Well, I had it set up like this: I had a smaller binder with folders in it for every class and I tried to put each sheet of paper in the correct folder. At home I had these big binders for every year of high school with more folders. So when my school binder got too "fat", I moved my older notes into those. But as I said, I was pretty lazy so my notes ended up all over the place. In theory it should have been a good set up but I guess I'm just not organised enough for that.

I guess Matsumoto-sensei's hobby isn't weight lifting, is it? :D It's really cute. Today I was actually revising kore, sore, are. I was looking through the materials for the first lesson. It turns out I know most of it already but it will be nice to revise everything.

Oh, watching anime on the phone must be rather inconvenient. Even though I have a smartphone I basically use it only for calling, texting and reading fanfiction. I tried to read manga on it but I couldn't handle the constant zooming.

Sounds like you're doing well at school :). Our first "test" had only six questions, one of which was "what's the number of the room of our department's library" and another was "who's the head of our department" :D.

Oh, you're going to have a fun weekend. I'll have to familiarize myself with the layout of the city. I wish I could move on Sunday instead.

Well, it might be because my relationship was so volatile. In theory, hanging out should be easy as we already know each other so well.

Yeah, I really wish we did that too in literature but talking about the plot in anything more than basic terms was only secondary. The funny thing was that everyone always hated poetry assignments for required reading but during the school-leaving exam, everyone hoped they would pull out a poetry book from the lottery box because the methods were much easier to analyze than methods in novels. During the exam we would get a worksheet with an excerpt from the book and a set of questions. We had to say which part of the book it was from, then describe the characters, briefly introduce the plot, analyze the language, talk about the author and the sociohistorical context of the book and there were also some particular questions to determine whether we really read the book or not.

Witches of East End aren't all that bad in my opinion. Certainly better than (Witches of) Eastwick. I liked the Secret Circle at the beginning but when a sufficient number of male protagonists to create love polygons appeared, I gave up on it.  Kinda the same reason why I gave up on True Blood actually.

I would like to read your story :). Have you got my email already or should I send it to you?

Oh, I hope it works out for you, then. 4 weeks seem to be a good length. Not too short, not too long to feel homesick or panic. After watching that Thai series I would kinda like to experience the country for hear the language at least.

No, it's not required. We actually had to be quick to even get the tickets for orientation :D. Othewise, we have that "cool" handbook :D. And apart from the homework our department sent us, we don't have to do anything else.

Sep 17, 2014
Velu says...

Hello, senpai :). How are you doing? I'm sorry this took so long, I had to deal with some issues that left me really beat these past few days.

I get what you're saying. I used loose sheets of paper for taking notes during high school that I more or less organized in a binder. But I felt lazy a lot so I often ended up with stacks of paper with notes on various subjects and then I had to sort them out. I was also never sure if I didn't lose anything important. At home I would copy my notes (or make new notes based on the textbooks) into my computer though, so in the end I didn't rely on my under-pressure note-taking skills too much :D.

So, is the computer working well now that reinstalled the software? At least I assume you reinstalled more than just Word.

Speaking of putting things online, I received my first homework assignment yesterday via email :D. It was super easy but I was still surprised. It turns out we have an e-learning website for Japanese studies at our university so our homework was to create an account, sign up for a course, do a short test, create a topic on the forum with the name of the book we're reading and finally upload a random article about Japan on the server. It actually stirred up quite a discussion on facebook though because the instructions are rather vague. Some people say we'll have to do a report on the book we named but the instructions didn't say anything like that so I assumed they gave us the task in order to get used to working with the website, nothing more.

What about you? What's new at school? Have you finally got a grade on that essay?

That's great for Anthony. And it makes me really happy for both of them. I wish we parted on better terms with my ex. I used to be so idealistic, thinking that we would be friends even if we broke up eventually but now it's me who can't even stand talking to her. It makes me feel like every promise I gave her was a lie.

Well, personally I've always envied the literature classes you seem to have in the US if the way they're presented in the media is at least half-way accurate. Our literature classes consisted mainly of learning about the author's life and the period he or she lived in and learning the books they wrote, what they're about and we had to be able to analyze the text in terms of composition and various artistic methods used. We didn't really discuss the meaning or impact much. There were some discussions but usually like five minutes before the class ended and most of the time no one really said anything.

OUAT hasn't started yet, has it? I have only seen the first half of the first season I think but I don't have anything better to watch so I'll probably catch up. I also didn't stick with The Secret Circle. On another note, I almost finished the second season of Orange Is The New Black. For some reason, I  really like prison shows :D. I watched this British one called Bad Girls a few years back and it was really interesting.

What is your story about? Aren't stories usually more interesting if you need to work hard to understand them? If something leaves you confused you usually think about it even after you stop reading and it has more impact in my opinion.

Wow, that would be quite a trip. Which would you prefer - Thailand or South Africa? Oh and who exactly means "we" in this case? And for how long would you be there?

By the way, I won't be going to orientation. I didn't manage to reschedule with my dorm manager and I wouldn't be able to meet anyone im my major if I went to orientation the day earlier. As I have already some friends there that can probably help me figure out  how things work, I don't think it's really necessary to be there.

Sep 17, 2014