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Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

About: You must watch all seasons of all listed anime in 2016 to complete the challenge. I chose some of my personal favorites as well as some I have not watched yet. Series are from various genres for diversity. Just tell me if you want to participate in the challenge and I will add you to the list of participants.


  1. You must watch all 40 series listed here.
  2. If you don't mind, please mention my challenge on your profile to help spread the word (as well as fun!) 
  3. You don`t have to rewatch anything you already completed.
  4. A good way to keep track of the series is to create a custom list like the one I did.
  5. Feel free to discuss any of the anime listed with me, since as I said, these are some of my favorites.
  6. When you finish let me know. I will check to make sure you did finish everything, and then your name will be listed as a winner forever on my profile ^.^

Participants: Sianeka, Majishan, KareemBadawyIzayoiSAKAMAKIanimelover571casandra29BoochanChurri


People who completed the challenge: Gosick, ME

My own countdown: I just need to finish Log Horizon 2

This challenge was inspired by ScarletRain's. Please check her's out as well! (I am participating in her's as well).

I waste most of my life thinking about fictional characters. I like all genres, but my favorites tend to be action, romance, fantasy, sci fi, and yaoi.

Basically my life--as well as this page--is full of inconsistencies. I don't really have any defined standards by which I rate things (mostly it is based on the plot and my overall level of enjoyment).  

About my anime ratings (since people sometimes ask)

.5 One of the worst things I've seen

1 Dang that's bad

1.5 That is pretty bad

2 Not my thing but I saw a bit of potential

2.5 I saw some potential but aspects of it were just bad (or undeveloped)

3 My sort of catch-all category for average. Anime with a good plot but bad development, unncessisary aspects, etc.

3.5 Good plot and any negatives are outweighted by the plot and/or characters

4 Really good and few negative aspects

4.5 Truly great

5 My favorites (nearly perfect) 

My manga ratings are less specific, and more of the 3 ratings fall on the "this is good but only average" side instead of it having specific negatives aspects I disliked.

List of favorite anime

List of favorite manga

List of least-favorite anime (aka, worst anime I've seen)

List of favorite characters (this hasn't been updated in forever)

List of most-hated characters (this hasn't been updated in forever)

List of favorite soundtracks

Funniest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Stories (English dub)

Most romantic (or in this case lovey-dovey) anime I’ve seen: Fushigi Yuugi

Saddest anime I’ve seen: Clannad After Story

Most dramatic anime I’ve seen: Elfen Lied (story wise), Ef Tales of Memories (animation wise)

Shortest anime I’ve seen: Hairy Tale (1 minute)

Boringest anime I’ve seen: Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito

Longest anime I’ve seen: Dragon Ball series

Scariest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Hunt

Weirdest anime I've seen: Cat Soup

Anime with the most nudity: Sekirei

Anime with most character deaths: Code Geass

Most depressing manga: Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari

Manga with the most underlying activism: IS- Aiesu


VAs I've Met:

AƖєxιѕ Ƭιρтση

Aуυ Sαкαтα

ƇαιтƖιη ƓƖαѕѕ

Ƈнєяαмι Lєιgн

Ƈняιѕтσρнєя R. Sαвαт

Ƈняιѕтιηα Ʋєє

Ɗανιɗ Ʋιηcєηт

Ɠяєg Aуяєѕ

Jσнηηу Ƴσηg Ɓσѕcн

Mιcαн SσƖυѕσɗ

Mσηιcα RιαƖ

Ƙαяєη Sтяαѕѕмαη

Sтєρнαηιє Sнєн

Ƭσɗɗ Hαвєякσяη

Ʋιc Mιgησgηα

░T░h░i░n░g░s░ ░I░ ░l░o░v░e░:░

Stories with meaning/sybolism, kick-ass women, anything with wolves, characters with developement, characters with tragic back-stories, psychological stories (ones that make me think about existence, or those that mess with my mind), fantasy, unique stories or artistic elements.  

░T░h░i░n░g░s░ ░I░ ░d░o░n░'░t░ ░l░i░k░e░:░

Stupid/annoying people, endings that make the entire story meaningless such as it all being a dream, pure episodic storylines, shallow female characters with only one or two character traits (give them character! It shouldn't be that hard). 

░S░o░m░e░ ░F░a░v░o░r░i░t░e░ ░C░h░a░r░a░c░t░e░r░s░ ░N░o░t░ ░l░i░s░t░e░d░:░

Larka (The Sight), Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender), Ruby (RWBY), Pyrrah (RWBY), Penny (RWBY), Serah (FFXIII), Cheshire Cat (American McGee's Alice), Noel (FFXIII-2), BMO (Adventure Time), Pearl (Steven Universe), Tyrion (Game of Thrones), Snow White (Once Upon a Time), David (Once Upon a Time), Regina (Once Upon a Time).  

░S░o░m░e░ ░F░a░v░e░ ░S░h░i░p░s░:░ (I have TONS)

Kurogane/Fai (Tsubasa), Homura/Madoka (Madoka), Axel/Roxas/Xion (KH), Riku/Sora/Kairi (KH), Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica), Clear/Aoba (DMMd), Jellal/Erza (Fairy Tail), Kagami/Kuroko (KnB), Future Gohan/Future Trunks (DBZ), Naruto/Sakura (Naruto), Yuuri/Wolfram (KKM), Shizuo/Izaya (Drrr), Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha), Oz/Gil (Pandora Hearts), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Barnaby/Kotetsu (T&B), Rita/Estelle (TofV), and Soul/Maka (Soul Eater).


In rerverence for the death of my amv making hobby (since I just don't have the time or resources anymore), enjoy two of my favorite music videos I ever made.

A Halloween anime mix.

Part of a project I never continued. It's not anime, but please watch anyway cause it's short and I'm super proud of it

Aѕ α Welcoмιɴɢ Coммιттee ɢreeтer I woυld lιĸe тo ѕpreαd тнe word. Aɴyoɴe тнαт ғeelѕ ιт ιѕ ιмporтαɴт тнαт ɴew мeмвerѕ αre ɢreeтed pleαѕe вecoмe α ѕυpporтer or ғellow ɢreeтer нere.

Iғ yoυ αlreαdy мαĸe recoммeɴdαтιoɴѕ αɴd wrιтe revιewѕ, тнeɴ yoυ мιɢнт αѕ well joιɴ TACO нere.

•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸よろしく おねがいします¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•

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855 total

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756 total

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Mousekateer627 says...

Hello and Thanks for the Welcome

Well for Sakura trick I watched the Anime first. The first time I watched the anime I was still developing my liking for Shojo-Ai/Yuri genre. Eventually I read the Manga afterward because the animes I've watched so far tend to leave out some stuff from the Manga. But it's still hard to say which is better since the translated manga is incomplete online. But I was right about the anime leaving out some things from the manga. My Favorite Character are Haruka, Yuu and Kotone.

For Yuru Yuri, I haven't read the Manga but I adore the Anime. It's like a combination of Adorable Moe, Shojo-Ai and Slice of Life Gag anime. There really is no story to the anime but the setting is about a group of colorful and funny middle school girls living their youth to the fullest by forming the Amusement Club. 

As For Gurenki, It's a Yuri Manga I came across by chance online while I was browsing. It's about a normal high school girl who came across a demon girl who claimed that she "Belonged" to her through a certain "Contract". The story is interesting but what what really got me hooked was the relationship between the the two girls. They were my favorite kind of Yuri couple.

Do you like Shojo-Ai, By any chance?

Feb 18, 2016
Sianeka says...

Larkawolfgirl says...  I feel torn about my job direction. I have been thinking about working in publishing since I started college, but I constantly heard that you had to begin as an editor (which I don't feel skilled enough at) and every time I looked up jobs they were far away. New York is such a big city and I've heard that people tend to be unfriendly. I grew up in a tiny, friendly neighborhood, so I feel like the transition would be jolting. Also, my sister is my best friend, and I really like the idea of being able to keep living with her longer. Plus, my other best friend says he will never move away from the Indiana/Michigan area since he feels like he needs to support his mom. While I can make small friendships easily, I have a harder time making long-term "real" friendships, so I don't like the idea of moving away from my three closest friends to a large, unfriendly city just to work at a job I may suck at. I also still don't have a drivers license and feel overwhelmed by life in general, so the thought of being near people I know that could help me if I ran into trouble is also very comforting. Though, I do think working in publishing is something I would enjoy, for the last month I have felt this nawing desire to perform reiki and even do other holistic healing/psychic/spiritual work. Reiki seems like something I would definitely be able to do (since it is simply directing universal energy), I worry hat I wouldn't have the skill, or confidence to do other work (like being a psychic reader). That is why I am still trying to figure out a side job I could do in addition. I want something I can do in Indiana while living with my sister and working at her business. Now I'm looking into doing freelance work, since that can do done from anywhere. Sorry that was so long!

While tis true big cities, especially NYC can be intimidating and unfriendly (especially when you first move there) there are also a lot of rewards to be had that can be obtained nowhere else.  And it certainly is a good place to be if you are carless without a driver's license, since ownling your own car is kind of a liability there.  Parking for cars is extremely scarse in Manhattan.  And you may well find you DON'T suck at publishing but may in fact love it! (I'd heard that it is a very difficult field to break into, though.)

The comfort and security of being near/with sister and good friends who can help in times of trouble is invaluable.  At this time, it sounds like that is more important to you.  At this time in your life, it may be right for you to stay in your area, continuing your studies but pursuing other employment ventures where you live.  And keeping publishing/NYC as a backburner, future possible goal...  Follow your heart, but be sure to thoroughly pursue whichever you decide.  Don't get too comfortable - push yourself even if you decide to stay in your geographical comfort zone!

Larkawolfgirl says...  Kurapika decides to stay with Melody and the bodyguards since he thinks that will bring him closer to getting his revenge. They do call him up from time to time, but he doesn't do much to help them since he says he has to keep up his bodyguard duties. Aside from that, there isn't much. At least not that I can remember. You should tell me what differences you find, though, since I am curious if I want to watch the original or not.

Oh man, I really need to MAKE some spare time cause I want to continue watching more... and these days I've not had the time to watch much anime at all!

Larkawolfgirl says...  Ah! Chopper is life. JK, but he is definitely my absolute fave of the show, followed by Nami. My Japanese teacher also loves him and often puts him on our powerpoint slides :D. Aside from Chopper being cute, he is also the most caring of the group and is always out to help people. I honestly wish I could just watch a show about him going around helping people. Here is a tiny Chopper moment for your enjoyment. I actually think out of them, Robin is the most throw away character because she doesn't seem to ever do that much. Aside from her character arc, she mostly just sits around reading and smiling pleasently at the group as they do stupid things.   Does that mean you haven't met Vivi yet either? For quite a while Vivi was my second favorite character.

I haven't met either Robin or Vivi yet.  (I've heard a bit about Robin, but thought she had more of a role than just being a throwaway character...)

Feb 17, 2016
Majishan says...

When mentioned ads, the meaning is this: even if it flows a lot of money, isn't easy. It's really hard to begins alone (isn't my personal case, even if it takes me some years). It needs time and time. Thank you however!

The secret was for me the beginning of my personal growth. Isn't nothing exceptionally, but at the beginning was cool. The meaning of the doc is simple. Nothing good happens if you not add a strong will. Virtuos (vicious) circle:


This is the secret. No magic. All starts with willingness. No willingness no party :-) Any red toyota from heaven :-)

I have a lot of trouble killing my negative thoughts. It guess it is bad written :-) You haven't to kill your bad thoughts. You fight negative thoughts with positive thinking? I guess isn't the correct way ... You have to change yourself image. It takes time. Positive thinking is a lie and you know about it. It's the difference between "I'll make it" and "I'm cool". If I am cool, it is obv I'll make it. Right? Last question: I'll have success in trading market? I know the answer this question, but I don't know when I reach my target:-) And my target isn't to be the new Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, it's a realistic target.

But I'm getting better :) Nice Dria-chan. The personal growth never end. Hope the best for ourself :-) Do you know Napoleon Hill? Harv Eker? Tony Robbins? Or any other? Napeoleon Hill is a good reading I guess.

And last, the politicians. You're right. I have bad written. They try to be good actors. The problem is another. It is enough for them. The sense is: even if we all know, nothing change. I'm not intersted to change the worldwide control's structure like in steins gate. But if the overall mass not evolves, the politicians not will evolve (my English is so poor, forgive me :-)

Feb 17, 2016
MarkMTF02 says...

Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Sorry for the late response though.

Feb 17, 2016
Majishan says...

Yes, rhetoric has a bad reputation because of deceipt. People tend to think rhetoric is only lying in order to persuade people. That is only a part of rhetoric. 

That's interesting what you said about having the right conversation at the rght time with the wrong person. I feel like it can't be the right conversation at the right time if it is with the wrong person. But maybe the topic of the conversation could be the right one at the right time? But the words would be different with the right person. The image you see of me might not be the same image I want you to see. It depends on whether I'm successful or not. And you can't every really know what someone thinks of you, so you can only try your best, I guess. If you're lying it depends on your ethos. In rhetoric there is logos (logic), pathos (emotion), and ethos (ethics). The more someone views you as an authority figure the more likely they are to believe a lie. That is why politicians often use bad rhetoric by abusing their authority status.

I guess people are not able to do the correct image. Let's try. Isn't a lie or a deceptive element the problem. The problem is to be white and black at the same time. After a deceptive element, you have to remember what is your image :-) You have to be an actor basically :-) Politics aren't good actors. You want to know if you're successfull or not? I guess your clever enough :-) You sold yourself as an interesting person (at least with me), pretty similar to me.

Oh, so you aren't trading products. You are trading ad space?

(My) Trading is something related to financial world. Stocks, forex, futures, option. You have to know only this: in the forex (foreign exchange, like USD/EUR) flows an amount of money pretty ridicolous. Something like 2 folds the Italian public debt (daily). It's a pretty abstract world. It's a zero-sum game. If I win, someone loses. And the 95% of traders are losers. But there's not all. It's something related with your-self character. Your inner self. You have to fight against fear and greed basically. And there are lot of fears. Basically, in real life people tend to hide or not to face himself fears (critic or failure the most). What do you think?

Those courses are all online. But you are right. I will already have a double major and one minor. I love learning, and have trouble holding myself back :D. In 10 years I would absolutely love to be able to just work full time on our business which will use all the courses I mentioned. I will be performing long-distance reiki healing, tarot readings, pendulum readings, and other similar services. Listening to my heart was actually the reason I decided to go for this. Before I thought about working in publsihing (which would have meant I had to move far away). I also thought about doing marketing work, but that wouldn't let my heart sing :) Basically, I want to help people and spread the peace of inner spirituality.

I love learning like you. And I want to help people and spread the peace of inner spirituality. I want to share with you this doc. What do you think about? I thought the courses are not related with your business, sorry. Follow your heart :-)

Feb 17, 2016