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College student who wastes most of her life thinking about fictional characters. I like all genres but I'm not big on episodic, monster-of-the-week, sports, or slice-of-life.  

I'm thinking of going through and reevaluating my ratings. 


Funniest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Stories

Most romantic (or in this case lovey-dovey) anime I’ve seen: Fushigi Yuugi

Saddest anime I’ve seen: Clannad After Story

Most dramatic anime I’ve seen: Elfen Lied (story wise), Ef Tales of Memories (animation wise)

Most actiony anime I’ve seen: Fairy Tail

Shortest anime I’ve seen: Hairy Tale (1 minute)

Boringest anime I’ve seen: Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito

Longest anime I’ve seen: Dragon Ball series

Scariest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Hunt

Weirdest anime I've seen: Cat Soup

Anime with the most nudity: Sekirei

Anime with most character deaths: Code Geass 


VAs I've Met:

Vic Mignogna

Johnny Yong Bosch

Christopher R. Sabat

Todd Haberkorn

Monica Rial

Cherami Leigh

Alexis Tipton

Stephanie Sheh

Greg Ayres

Things I love:

Stories with meaning/sybolism, Examples: Clannad After story (still trying to understand that one fully), Naruto (there is some), Wolf's Rain (which is mostely symbolic, at least to me (only because I am such a wolf freak which is why it makes me so sad)), Avatar the Last Airbender (lots of meaningfullness there), kick-ass women (Alice from Resident Evil, Alice from American McGee's Alice, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), anything with wolves, characters with developement, psychological stories, and fantasy.  

Things I don't like:

Stupid people (Paradise Kiss, Loveless, some side peoples in Strawberry Panic) Stories that have endings such as them waking up and it all being a dream and meaningless (first Pokemon movie).

Some Favorite Characters Not listed:

Larka (The Sight), Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender), Squall (FFxiii), Vivi (FFix), Serah (FFxiii), Noel (FFXiii-2), and Cheshire Cat (American McGee's Alice), Elle Mel Marta (Tales of Xillia 2), Ludger Will Kresnik (Tales of Xillia 2), and Fredrick (Eternal Sonata).  

Some OTPs:

Kurogane/Fai (Tsubasa), Homura/Madoka (Madoka), Axel/Roxas/Xion (KH), Riku/Sora/Kairi (KH), Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica), Clear/Aoba (DMMd), Jellal/Erza (Fairy Tail), Kagami/Kuroko (KnB), Future Gohan/Future Trunks (DBZ), Naruto/Sakura (Naruto), Yuuri/Wolfram (KKM), Shizuo/Izaya (Drrr), Tamahome/Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi), SaitoxLouise (Zero no Tsukaima), Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha), Yogi/Gareki (Karneval), Aladdin/Alibaba/Morgiana (Magi), Oz/Gil (Pandora Hearts), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Mikasa/Eren/Armin (SnK),  Barnaby/Kotetsu (T&B), Rin/Shiemi/Yukio (Blue Exorcist), Rita/Estelle (Tales of Vesperia), Kaworu/Shinji (Evangelion), Ed/Winry (FMA), Aang/Katara (Avatar), Ikuto/Amu (Shugo Chara), Soul/Maka (Soul Eater), Nami/Robin (OP), and Lelouch/Shirley (Code Geass).


As a Welcoming Committee greeter I would like to spread the word. Anyone that feels it is important that new members are greeted please become a supporter or fellow greeter here.

If you already make recommendations and write reviews, then you might as well join TACO here - anime | manga | reviews

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sirconanad says...

Thanks for the welcoming words! xD Defense Devil is about a former prince of hell who, after being banned from actual hell, lives in a sort of pre-hell and acts as defensive attorney for all sinners that are sent down in order to hopefully get them back to life and him back into hell. It's an interesting, funny and very nicely drawn manga. :)

Dec 6, 2014
tarlofer says...

thank you for the welcome and yes i like kill a kill a lot verry cool anime and i will ask anything if needed

Dec 5, 2014
Tenebris says...

You said that you watched anime in school, on what did you watch? In library or? I have no idea why people use tablets, people that have them don't read mangas on them ( they are the perfect size for reading books and mangas) and they can just read them on laptops and mobile phones, which they all have. 

Today I had classes at 10 o'clock but when I turned of all of the alarms (6 of them) I got up at 10:56 adn I said to myself fuck it, it is only the first time. I woke up at 16 o'clock, I have tests next week and have to study but I just don't have any want to study T-T

I didn't send two messages because you sent me two, I sent another because I saw that my answer was too short so here is another on :3

I used up all of my 7 GB of internet and it's only 5th T-T So I will try to answer you as quickly as possible all the time, but now it will go on strike again and be slow for some time, but I will go to library from time to time and answer you then :3

Sorry about the small reply, I was just tired, still am -_-zzz

I just figured it out that I have been writing reply as replay, sorry :I

Dec 4, 2014
Tenebris says...

Yes I do 3-3

I hope you had a good nap =3

Kokoro Connect is confusing @.@

Yes we did :3 You are way ahead of me :3 I like mangas more than anime, like I like books more than movies... I usually read mangas before anime, I only watched Btooom and not read the manga

I usually eat on the brakes and don't do anything else, but I did read mangas in highschool but now there isn't any time to do soo, only thing I can do is take notes and stuff T-T

Aha, well I will read and watch a lot of mangas and anime on the brake, I sure look foward to it XD

Ok, I will watch the Psycho-Pass and Psycho-Pass 2, now it doesn't look like  a very interesting anime but I'll give it a shoot :3

Dec 4, 2014
Tenebris says...

Jup CX

Awesome X3

I do get lost a lot :I I kind off got used to it, tripping on a pole but that doesn't happen so often now :3

While driving, I can talk and sing but listening to a book, I can never, imagine the battle in front of me and end up in a ditch >:I

Do you maybe wear glasses? You should have a nap, I think :3 

OK, I think that I know what you mean :)

That is good :3 Some good, some really not good, but I'll give it a good fight :3

Jup, they were like statues :I I didn't watch any movies where they were acting, they were all romantic ones so, no thanks :I

I got some curage, and now I'm watching Angel Beats :3 I'll download it when I get some time... I hope soon :3

It's confusing >:S I'm on 9th episode >-<'' 

I've read the last chapters of Fairy Tail and Blue Exorcist X3 I got somewhat tired of Shingeki no Kyojin, it's all politics now, I read 40 chapters of Tokyo Ghoul to that new inspector -_-'' Pandora Hearts and Karneval are they good? 

Was the anime good? 

You were watching anime in school? How? How did you stop yourself when the bell rang? I was thinking about watching Psycho-Pass, should I?

Fairy Tail 2? There are several? 

Dec 3, 2014