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Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

About: You must watch all seasons of all listed anime in 2016 to complete the challenge. I chose some of my personal favorites as well as some I have not watched yet. Series are from various genres for diversity. Just tell me if you want to participate in the challenge and I will add you to the list of participants.


  1. You must watch all 40 series listed here.
  2. If you don't mind, please mention my challenge on your profile to help spread the word (as well as fun!) 
  3. You don`t have to rewatch anything you already completed.
  4. A good way to keep track of the series is to create a custom list like the one I did.
  5. Feel free to discuss any of the anime listed with me, since as I said, these are some of my favorites.
  6. When you finish let me know. I will check to make sure you did finish everything, and then your name will be listed as a winner forever on my profile ^.^

Participants: Sianeka, Majishan, KareemBadawyIzayoiSAKAMAKIanimelover571casandra29BoochanChurri


People who completed the challenge: Gosick, ME

This challenge was inspired by ScarletRain's. Please check her's out as well! (I am participating in her's as well).

I waste most of my life thinking about fictional characters. I like all genres, but my favorites tend to be action, romance, fantasy, sci fi, and yaoi.

Basically my life--as well as this page--is full of inconsistencies. I don't really have any defined standards by which I rate things (mostly it is based on the plot and my overall level of enjoyment).  

About my anime ratings (since people sometimes ask)

.5 One of the worst things I've seen

1 Dang that's bad

1.5 That is pretty bad

2 Not my thing but I saw a bit of potential

2.5 I saw some potential but aspects of it were just bad (or undeveloped)

3 My sort of catch-all category for average. Anime with a good plot but bad development, unncessisary aspects, etc.

3.5 Good plot and any negatives are outweighted by the plot and/or characters

4 Really good and few negative aspects

4.5 Truly great

5 My favorites (nearly perfect) 

My manga ratings are less specific, and more of the 3 ratings fall on the "this is good but only average" side instead of it having specific negatives aspects I disliked.

List of favorite anime

List of favorite manga

List of least-favorite anime (aka, worst anime I've seen)

List of favorite characters (this hasn't been updated in forever)

List of most-hated characters (this hasn't been updated in forever)

List of favorite soundtracks

Funniest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Stories (English dub)

Most romantic (or in this case lovey-dovey) anime I’ve seen: Fushigi Yuugi

Saddest anime I’ve seen: Clannad After Story

Most dramatic anime I’ve seen: Elfen Lied (story wise), Ef Tales of Memories (animation wise)

Shortest anime I’ve seen: Hairy Tale (1 minute)

Boringest anime I’ve seen: Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito

Longest anime I’ve seen: Dragon Ball series

Scariest anime I’ve seen: Ghost Hunt

Weirdest anime I've seen: Cat Soup

Anime with the most nudity: Sekirei

Anime with most character deaths: Code Geass

Most depressing manga: Deep Love: Pao no Monogatari

Manga with the most underlying activism: IS- Aiesu


VAs I've Met:

AƖєxιѕ Ƭιρтση

Aуυ Sαкαтα

ƇαιтƖιη ƓƖαѕѕ

Ƈнєяαмι Lєιgн

Ƈняιѕтσρнєя R. Sαвαт

Ƈняιѕтιηα Ʋєє

Ɗανιɗ Ʋιηcєηт

Ɠяєg Aуяєѕ

Jσнηηу Ƴσηg Ɓσѕcн

Mιcαн SσƖυѕσɗ

Mσηιcα RιαƖ

Ƙαяєη Sтяαѕѕмαη

Sтєρнαηιє Sнєн

Ƭσɗɗ Hαвєякσяη

Ʋιc Mιgησgηα

░T░h░i░n░g░s░ ░I░ ░l░o░v░e░:░

Stories with meaning/sybolism, kick-ass women, anything with wolves, characters with developement, characters with tragic back-stories, psychological stories (ones that make me think about existence, or those that mess with my mind), fantasy, unique stories or artistic elements.  

░T░h░i░n░g░s░ ░I░ ░d░o░n░'░t░ ░l░i░k░e░:░

Stupid/annoying people, endings that make the entire story meaningless such as it all being a dream, pure episodic storylines, shallow female characters with only one or two character traits (give them character! It shouldn't be that hard). 

░S░o░m░e░ ░F░a░v░o░r░i░t░e░ ░C░h░a░r░a░c░t░e░r░s░ ░N░o░t░ ░l░i░s░t░e░d░:░

Larka (The Sight), Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender), Ruby (RWBY), Pyrrah (RWBY), Penny (RWBY), Serah (FFXIII), Cheshire Cat (American McGee's Alice), Noel (FFXIII-2), BMO (Adventure Time), Pearl (Steven Universe), Tyrion (Game of Thrones), Snow White (Once Upon a Time), David (Once Upon a Time), Regina (Once Upon a Time).  

░S░o░m░e░ ░F░a░v░e░ ░S░h░i░p░s░:░ (I have TONS)

Kurogane/Fai (Tsubasa), Homura/Madoka (Madoka), Axel/Roxas/Xion (KH), Riku/Sora/Kairi (KH), Nowaki/Hiroki (Junjou Romantica), Clear/Aoba (DMMd), Jellal/Erza (Fairy Tail), Kagami/Kuroko (KnB), Future Gohan/Future Trunks (DBZ), Naruto/Sakura (Naruto), Yuuri/Wolfram (KKM), Shizuo/Izaya (Drrr), Inuyasha/Kagome (Inuyasha), Oz/Gil (Pandora Hearts), Ichigo/Orihime (Bleach), Barnaby/Kotetsu (T&B), Rita/Estelle (TofV), and Soul/Maka (Soul Eater).


In rerverence for the death of my amv making hobby (since I just don't have the time or resources anymore), enjoy two of my favorite music videos I ever made.

A Halloween anime mix.

Part of a project I never continued. It's not anime, but please watch anyway cause it's short and I'm super proud of it

Aѕ α Welcoмιɴɢ Coммιттee ɢreeтer I woυld lιĸe тo ѕpreαd тнe word. Aɴyoɴe тнαт ғeelѕ ιт ιѕ ιмporтαɴт тнαт ɴew мeмвerѕ αre ɢreeтed pleαѕe вecoмe α ѕυpporтer or ғellow ɢreeтer нere.

Iғ yoυ αlreαdy мαĸe recoммeɴdαтιoɴѕ αɴd wrιтe revιewѕ, тнeɴ yoυ мιɢнт αѕ well joιɴ TACO нere.

•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸よろしく おねがいします¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•

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867 total

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Manga ratings

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764 total

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AoiNomura says...

Oh and your list of soundtracks is nice! Some of them are my favorites as well such as the ones from attack on Titan and durarara, I want to check out the ones from Aldnoah Zero & Shiki later (: 

ive watched the first episode of aldnoah zero and stalled it for now, my buddy said its good so I checked it out...ill watch it later when I feel like it because the genre isn't really my thing. But that dude Slaine is voiced by Kensho Ono who's my favorite voice actor so I think I'll watch it hahaha

Jun 21, 2016
AoiNomura says...

Yeah I tend to forget stories easily if I watch or read too many of the same genre, that's why I need variation. Haha 

i just finished mayo chiki a few minutes again and it ends with such a fcking cliffhanger omg, if I wouldn't know it only has 13 episodes I would've thought they haven't updated the rest of the episodes on gogoanime. The ending of the last episode was just like there'd be more...there wasn't even credits rolling or Sth that shows that's the last ep....I heard that they'll make a second season around 2017, but I'm going to read the manga later -.- can't wait so long hahaha 

omg what yaoi game? O.o tell me hahaha 

I'm not sure if you can go blind but still I'm scared :( my friend told me how the surgery've to hold your eyes open...and they put Sth like a ring on your eyeballs *shivers* just the imagination makes me cringe hahaha ^^" that's why I rather wear my glasses and contact lens..😖 Too scared

Jun 21, 2016
AoiNomura says...

 Koi o Hitokuchi is my favorite out of them yaoi mangas haha i really like the art style and the action is hot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I like all the works from the mangaka hehe

I'm currently on a yaoi break...I read too many in the last few days that I already forgot which story was which story hahaha

Now I'm watching an anime called "Mayo chiki" it's tagged as ecchi, and although I don't like ecchi much, it's adorable..I like the heroine and hope she'll end up with the protagonist haha

Today I created a few more custom lists here on a-p, you can check them out, they're on my bio (: 

yeah glasses are really annoying :/ i wear daily contact lenses though, the ones you can throw away after the end of the day because monthly lenses are a waste since I don't wear them often. My friend had a laser surgery and now she can see everything clearly without glasses anymore, but i'm too afraid to take an eye surgery :( what if they fail and i become blind...i rather wear glasses and lenses for the rest of my life haha

Jun 21, 2016
AoiNomura says...

I watched OPM until the end lol and I think boku no hero academia is much better than it...I'm not a fan of superhero stories but I love BNHA so far, I personally rate it with 5 stars haha the characters are all likeable and the action is well animated, maybe you should give it a try and watch a few episodes? :D 

haha when I was younger I was so scared of wearing contacts but I first wore it when I was 16. At first it's hard to put them in, it took me 30 min for each eye but after a week or Sth I got used to it and it only took me 2 min haha 

It doesn't hurt when the contacts are in, but sometimes it feels a bit uncomfortable when for example your eyes are too dry ^^"

ive very poor eyesight, when I take off my glasses everything's blurred @@ yeah and my glasses get dirty very easily, I hate cleaning them... lol

Jun 19, 2016
AoiNomura says...

Haha well according to myanimelist ansatsu has 25 episodes :0 

i watched boku no hero academia today and the last ep will be aired next week, i think I'll go for the manga then cause I don't know if they'll make a second season or not :/ have I already asked you if you watch Boku no hero academia as well? Hahagaha if yes sorry, I've the memory like a goldfish lol 

yeah I think the two protagonists from "Akihabara fall in love" are both very cute

lmfao I fit in the category otaku as well...I wear glasses but when I feel like it I also wear contact lenses HAHAHAHA 

Jun 19, 2016