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Yes, this movie is completely recap from the anime. No, I did not find anything truly new about the movie. However, the movie seemed fresh and overall more enjoyable than the anime. Now, this could partially be due to the fact that I was able to piece the story together better since it was a retelling. I for one loved the anime and enjoyed seeing the story yet again. 


The story flowed better in this movie format. As another user mentioned in their blog, the story is fit more for a dramatic movie than clipped episodes. The overall feels was more eerie than the anime, which I also credit the movie format for. Each episode of the show had to reset the stage and mood, whereas the movie never needed to do this. 


The previous mentioned is mostly compared to the show, but the following is more focused on Madoka as a whole. 



It took me a while to fully appreciate the ending to the anime. I personally enjoyed having this movie cut off in the middle so that I could fully appreciate the overall story minus the ending. The story unravels piece by piece leaving you hooked. The setting is so unlike other magical girl stories that it both excites you and puts you on edge. 



I love the animation. It is very modern and aesthetically pleasing. The art for labyrinths and witches are so creative. They give off a creepy and unique vibe. 



It was thanks to Madoka that I discovered the band Kalafina. Their song "Magia" highlights the story beautifully. It has a bit of eeriness to it but also a sense of desperation. The other music, though less magnificent (in my opinion), work perfectly within the scenes. 



The characters all have a unique drive and a past that defines them. They all are ultimately struggling through the same war, but each experience it so differently. The girls display varying degrees of the human heart. 


Overall, not having to worry about opinions of the story's end, I think this movie was a pure masterpiece. The story works very well in a cinematic format without interruptions. 

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10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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