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Godaikocon 2011

15 AUG

yay! I have now attended my first convention! This con fetured Greg AYRES, Alexis TIPTON, and Johnny YONG BOSCH. When we first showed up to the con there was not much going on besides an amv showing. My sister and I had brought some of our amvs but they wouldn't show them and the internet was going really slow. We checked out the manga library, which I had been really excited about, and it turned out to be pretty much all yaoi. I felt weird checking some out since we were there with two guy friends so blah that sort of sucked. The best part of the convention was Eyeshine. Johnny and his band played all three days, thought we only went to the first two. We had an awsome view and the only down side to the concerts was that Johnny's voice was drowned out by the music. There was also a rave both nights which were fun but I am not good at dancing in public. Oh, and we were all too poor to cosplay and felt really out of place and sad.

Greg Ayres

when we went to get his signature he gave my sister a hard time about her Full Metal Panic box set that she bought online. It was really annoying and his signature even said "I hope you didn't get ripped off." We don't really like him anymore, though he is still a good dj.

Alexis Tipton

She is so nice. I love her. I love her. I love her. K, got that out of my system. I felt really bad that I had nothing for her to sign and had to use one of her pictures. She is really good at acting but I didn't want to buy Ga-rei Zero and Black Butler was too expensive. That was pretty much all I've seen her in so far. But anyways, at her meet and greet thing she just sounded like such a nice person.

Johnny Yong Bosch

I was so pumped to see Johnny. He is my all time favorite voice actor. Friday at his signing after the Eyeshine concert he seemed kind of like he didn't want to be there and was a tad rude. The next day he was great though. We think he was just tired. We ended up getting pictures with the band and I got him to sign my Durarara and Wolfs Rain. He told really funny stories during his meet and greet. The only thing is that he said that he isn't a good actor :(. No, Johnny you are awsome!! He did two awsome requests as well. He said the lines "I can't get this helmet off!" as Lelouch and said "Shizu-chan, you are so sexy" as Izaya. He was cool. He also came right up behind me at one point and my friend ended up getting his guitar pick during a concert.

I'm not sure if I like animepuch. We went to an anime quiz thing and I thought I'd give it a shot since I've seen a lot of anime and remember things. I got the first question right but every other question I got was about shows I've never seen. They asked a lot about shows I've never even heard of. So, I lost horribly and felt really stupid. My friend on the other hand knew like every one (besides the shows I'd never heard of). At least I got a Claymore picture of doing it. Yet, I still haven't seen Claymore either. They also were hosting a panel called 'Your favorite anime sucks' and they just seemed kind of mean and lame.

Anyway, as an overall experience it was fun but not as good as I thought it would be. The hotel rooms had no DVD player to watch our anime we bought. Durarara was way over priced and lots of the t-shirts were all in extra large sizes. Everything was going on at the same time and there was no time to go eat if we wanted to do things. We are planning to go to another con soon and I just hope that it is better than Godaikocon. It would have sucked if not for the voice actors and Eyeshine.



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