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  • Connection of Ga-Rei -Zero and Kannazuki no Miko *Spoilers*

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Connection of Ga-Rei -Zero and Kannazuki no Miko *Spoilers*

29 JUL

  Both shows revolve around the lives of two girls that become very close like sisters. Kagura and Himeko both struggle with father issues. Kagura's father is very strict and has communication issues. Himeko's father was abusive towards her. Both Kagura and Himeko end up living with their friend. Both pairs of girls are attacked. Yomi and Chikane realize that they are in love with their respective girl and feel that they must protect her from themselves. Chikane becomes evil because she knows that that way she can make Himeko kill her instead of the other way around. Yomi becomes evil to try and protect Kagura from herself (which to me makes no sense because she only ended up hurting her more). Both sets of women are forced into a sword fight to the death. Both Himeko and Kagura strike a deadly blow unto their woman and as she dies the pair confesses their love for one another. After their death, both shows also cut to an epilogue. These shows are different in many ways but I felt the need to make this connection clear. My sister said that she could kind of see it but I hope that I made this very clear. There is a major similarity to these two anime.



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