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First Blog!


I am on a mission now to achieve new badges. That is thus why I am creating a blog. Never made a blog before just because I didn't know what to put for one. Well I figure something out for the next ones but this one is just about me getting badges. Fun trying to get badges. I can't believe I just added all of the Pokemon specials and movies on my want to watch just to gain a badge. I think I really am a bit crazy. Anyway it will still be fun and cute to see little Pickachu again lol. I want the school days badge. I think the reason I don't have it is because I didn't watch the special abotu Setsuna. I couldn't find it online anywhere though. On other stuff though Shiki is really good. I wish I had more free time right now so I could watch it. I am in the musical for school so I have to go to meetings and I still have school and work. Blah! School should just die right now, or at least my IB classes should. Well I'll stop now since I'm pretty much babbling now.

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