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Full Name is Michael Wayne Buford Jr. , Call me Mike. I am a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army. Just turned 18 (I know right). I'm 5 foot 8 inches, weighing in at a good 195 pounds. I'm an aquarious. Pretty much a down to earth person, real easy to please. I'm honest and I tend to speak my mind way too much for that to be a good thing lol... I forgot where I was going in this paragraph.

Hmm, I guess my interests would include Electrical, Mechanical, Japanese Fansubs, my 360 (:-P), the sky, anything edible, and over-all randomnessicity. I'm pretty much down to earth and very cheap to please. Real honest and speak my mind way too much for that to be a good thing. lol

Anything else you wanna know, just ask and I might tell.

So many uses, Still.. That's pretty much a vague description. I might have to change my myspace soon.

I'm kinda getting hungry as well and I've had Shura no Toki on pause for some 20-25 minutes now.

Well.. "Chanao!" laters people.

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sothis May 8, 2008

Err no, that rec is fine :D

What I mean is if you want to recommend something for everything in a franchise (such as recommending Dragon Ball for everything Naruto), recommend DB for everything Naruto, but do NOT click the "create reverse rec" for those, which would then recommend a billion Naruto titles for Dragon Ball. If you are just reccing some pairs with each other, doing the reverse rec is a great idea (assuming it works both ways of course :))

Franchise recs are kind of dangerous in general as sometimes something doesnt fit with every title, but for example I have a few titles I tend to recommend with most digi charat stuff as it works - i just don't reec everything di gi charat for those titles (i usually go with only the first series cause i think it works the best)

sothis May 8, 2008

Yeah that pair and the Naruto/One Piece ones are great, keep up the good work. :)

 I realized I didn't answer your earlier question - most people just don't get that making recs are easy, so the movies get added way after the series (all info we have, doesn't go up till someone hand-writes the synopsis and hand-takes the screens and sends them in) and people just don't rec them.

If you end up making recs for the movies, I suggest only making them one way; ie, if you think DB is a good rec for the Naruto movies, rec Naruto movies (1-#) -> DB, but do NOT rec DB->all Naruto movies. People do this sometimes and I hate having tofigure out if i should fail them or not - technically they work, but if I'm looking at the DB entry and see Naruto, and decide I want to watch it, why do I need to then see 8 other Naruto things tied to it?

So yeah! I encourage you to fill in the blanks if you can think of good stuff (one of my mottos is "I'd rather have no recs than bad recs"), but consider doing me a favor and only doing them one way XD

Anyways, glad to have you here!

sothis May 8, 2008

PS: gah, please stop making these!! XD I have a ton in the queue I keep having to click now ^_^;;;;

sothis May 8, 2008

Hehe, that's because we don't allow related recs ;) (I am in the process of adding a few titles, but I was just going to send those recs back to you with that msg :D - check out the sign up faq, it's one of the first bullet points ^_^;)

We do this because in the past (meaning 5-6 years ago) the top recs for anime were always every related anime - and I don't find this very helpful. We then added the relations tab, but I haven't had time to keep that very up to date. We are currently working on a new version of the site though, and in that version related stuff will all  be filled out nicely. ^_^