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sothis Mar 27, 2008

Ahhh Safari... yeah, it's the only browser that is somewhat incompatible with the WYSIWYG we are using (basically eveyr option out there is busted with Safari)... is firefox an option? Opera should in theory work too, but it's also a bit incompatible.

sothis Mar 27, 2008

(oh yeah, and the UL/LI stuff tends to break it too XD so if you can, just write out the differences in a sentence :D)

Here's what I edited it to:

"In both Blue Drop and Otome, the characters' ages are similar, there are hints of yuri, and there is highly advanced technology. The major difference between the two is the pacing: Blue Drop is slow and composed, while Otome's is reckless later on and makes up for it with filler near the beginning."

Thanks again! Your recs are awesome.

sothis Mar 27, 2008

Hey Lanner, can you turn spellcheck off in your FF (if you are using FF) or type directly into the box? Your recs are coming up with huge amounts of formatting html in them, which means I have to go find them and then do manual updates :D

wolfangel87 Mar 25, 2008

Welcome to Anime Planet!!!