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edogawa says...

So I watched the first episode of the P4 Golden anime and OMG. I was so excited I caught myself grinning like an idiot the entire time. From the opening animation all the way to the end of the episode. They made Izanagi so legendary in the first episode, I'm excited to see how they handle some of the more powerful personas. 

Jul 17, 2014
edogawa says...

I'm pretty impressed with it so far. In a way it reminds me of Code Geass, just in the way that Sora is always seven steps ahead of almost everyone. Lelouche is identical to him in that regard. I love waiting to see what crazy plan he's cooked up for the games he plays.

Jun 15, 2014
edogawa says...

I am the same. I watched the sub a lot. But now hearing Baker and Riegel is just too nostalgic. 

Jul 10, 2012
edogawa says...

Finally hearing it all in English was SOOO excellent. I, too, sometimes wonder about the twins. 

Jun 30, 2012
edogawa says...

No, I watched it on Netflix.

Jun 18, 2012