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hmm... Anyways as you can see I watch a lot of anime.. thing is...

I read more manga than I watch anime. :P

I do some php from time to time.. I like to play online games (mainly FPS games like Team Fortress 2, Quake3 to name a few). I used to be into MMORPGs but I decided that they take up too much of my time.. I might go back tho eventually hah.

BTW Ive seen a LOT more anime than this thing is letting on.. Only because theres a lot of series Ive seen that arent listed in the anime rec database..

Like Gundam Zeta and some others.. thateven I have a hard time remembering hahaha.

Im easy to talk to so dont hit me up if you have any other questions :]

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sothis Feb 11, 2008

Long time no see, where did you go?? :p

tetra Oct 28, 2007


I gave up on wow pretty fast. it is WAY to easy and railroading for me. The ones who do not think it is has not played other mmorpgs...  

I am pretty curious of Hellgate london since I normally do not play fps, every fps I have tried, except the first Unreal has given me motion sickness... maybe that is why I never noticed if any of my friends talked about any of the others except quake ;)

tetra Oct 26, 2007

Wow! I think you are the first person I have met who play Team Fortress (that is the game I know as TF2 atleast, yell at me if it is another ). And rather many of my friends play FPSers. Is it fun?

But as I was addicted to Diablo, and Diablo2 (both in hardcore) I will go for Hellgate ^^  

tetra Oct 25, 2007

Fps.. are you planning on going into Hellgate London coma as well next friday?

wolfangel87 Oct 24, 2007

Hahaha, Sothis is sneaky that way!

I just saw you on the random users thingy and decided that you needed to spruce up your profile!   . . . and recieve a lovely comment from me!  :)