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I decided to keep this page just as my simple online list..  the rest are on Sankaku

Wont Watched, series that i haven't watched yet or not planning to watch at all.

Stalled, contains series taking too long to air new episodes (mostly ovas), or simply got bored of them but still planning to continue them sometime..

Dropped, .. no need to explain.. -EDIT: i've put all Dropped ones to Wont Watch.

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MayaNatsume says...

Mouts! Apo pou xetrypwses esy??? NAI, to stamataw, zhlepsa apo sena ;) (skylobarethika bsk, einai h trith fora pou symbainei me to OP XD)

Feb 4, 2010
notsomeguy says...

chrono crusade was boooring and half the time they didn't do anything plus there was almost no comedy; which would probably have made the show half decent

Feb 4, 2010
notsomeguy says...

it's like 2-2.5 I'm still trying to settle my rating system. But yes I did not like it very much since they kept whining all the time and it just felt like there was a lot of unnecessary drama

Feb 3, 2010
notsomeguy says...

that's still quite a long time though. I just got into anime a couple years ago. Though I don't remember exactly how long ago that was. Of course I'm not sure if you're counting cartoons as anime or not; or just strictly japanese subbed/dubbed anime.

Jan 20, 2010
notsomeguy says...

you've been watching anime since you were 3?

Jan 17, 2010