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Just my online list. Nothing else.

Wont Watched, series that i haven't watched yet or not planning to watch at all.

Stalled, contains series taking too long to air new episodes (mostly ovas), or simply got bored of them but still planning to continue them sometime..

Dropped, .. no need to explain.. -EDIT: i've put all Dropped ones to Wont Watch.

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sothis Nov 21, 2013


CHeck out the recent announcements here: 

The sessions are now set to 7 days (1 week) as of yesterday,


AoiKunieda Feb 16, 2011

Siga pou de tha ekana Aoi account ^_____^ King of stalkers  XD XD XD

Rinslet Jan 27, 2011

Pote de tha stamathsw!!! :D :D Konnichiwa apo ton account fantasma X3

sothis Jan 6, 2011

Hi, how did you manage to watch all of Bakegyamon? (re: the 'watched' status)... as only one episode was subtitled, and not even half of the episodes are available in Japanese anywhere. I'm interested in finding out so I can fill out the entry's information better, as 1 episode isn't much to go on.