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A video game enthusiast interested in anime, manga/comics, books and computer hardware and gadgets.

Anime related information:

I was the typical ignorant jerk who mocked anime until my friends got me to watch Naruto year 2005 or something. That series changed everything, and as you can see, it also converted me into a huge anime fan.

Naruto was certainly a good way to get introduced to anime, but that doesn't mean I would only watch main stream shounen shows. Actually, I don't want to have more than one shounen show running at any one time.

Some of my favorite genres include:

Comedy, otaku, slice-of-life and seinen.

I'm not that active when it comes to watching anime, usually watching a few episode per week, but sometimes I go on a spree and finish whole series in a short period of time.

Gaming related information:

Xbox Live Gamertag: Lammaz

Nicks: id Lamme#1153, HoN nick Lamme, WoW char Suklainen & Lamme, Aion char Vanilla, Tera char Lampetia & Lampheria

Favorite MMOs: WoW, Aion, TERA

Favorite RPGs: Mass Effect, Fable, Tales of Vesperia, Skyrim, Dragon Age

Favorite ActionRPGs: Diablo 3, Borderlands 1 & 2

Favorite Shooters: Counter-Strike: Source, Gears of War

Favorite Fighters: Soul Calibur series, Blazblue, Street Fighter, Persona 4 Arena

Favorite Racing: Crash Team Racing, Flatout 2

Favorite MOBAs: Heroes of Newerth, Bloodline Champions

Favorite Strategy: Warhammer: Dawn of War series, Civilization V

I'm currently playing TERA, Street Fighter 4, Persona 4 Arena as well as other multiplayer games.

I've pretty much dropped my interest for consoles, as they don't give me anything worthwhile nowadays. Everything feels so outdated compared to the PC scene! Having a high end PC which can run ANY game on ultra graphics without hiccups might be one of the reasons why I'm enjoying it way more than a console. :p The multiplayer aspect of PC gaming is also a big factor.

Other interests: Drawing, books, miniatures, computer stuff and my gf.

Feel free to take a look at some of my art (trying to add more in the future) and comment on

Check out my game collection on

and follow me on twitter!/realLamme @realLamme !

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Bixie says...

Happy Birthday Lamme!!

How are you on your big day? Haven't heard form you in ages!

Where are you?

Nov 11, 2009
Bixie says...

Hey Lamme? You still out there somewhere?

Aug 27, 2009
Bixie says...

Lamme, Where are you? 

Aug 4, 2009
Bixie says...

I want to see your wallpaper!!!!! Oh and thanks for the info on Prototype. sounds like a fun game!!!

Jun 7, 2009
Bixie says...

Well congrats on completing your studies! That is great! Ooooooh, a girlfriend? Congrats on that as well! How long have you been seeing her? You better behave! lol J/K! You need to play Assassins Creed before the second one comes out! I think it comes out around the Holiday season. Oh btw, I miss your old sig and the little animation! Bring it back!!!!



Jun 3, 2009