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Im a student from Finland, who really loves to occasionally delve deep into games, movies, animes and mangas. Currently, im studying information technology in Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Expected to graduate as an engineer in around 2012 (hopefully).

My Interests:

Games: I'm very broad minded when asked about my interests. I play a lot of games - both on the PC and on my PS3. World of Warcraft is one of the key elements of my gaming persona, but as it happens I tend to get bored of it quite often and thus my gameplay is more casual than most.

My favorite game series: Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Civilization, Gran Turismo.

My favorite games on PS3: Dark Souls, GT5, MGS4, Batman: Arkham City

Anime: Of course. Why wouldn't it be. Anime has always been very important in my life. Sometimes its my only solace in this harsh reality and sometimes it serves as a catalyst to various events in my life.

My first ever anime was Silverfang (Ginga Nagareboshi Gin). I can't remember how old I was at the time, but I remember it was dubbed in finnish (awful dubbing) and cut so it was suitable for children (all bloody scenes were removed). It left me and a lot of other people such a lasting impression that to this day, I get goosebumbs just listening its soundtrack.

The anime that officially made me an anime fan was Inuyasha. Before Inuyasha, I had watched Final Fantasy Unlimited due to the fact that I was trying to find everything Final Fantasy related. That didn't spark the anime love (even though I liked it very much at the time), but when I watched Inuyasha I was so engaged with the series that when it ended I had to find more.

AMV's: I love watching AMV's every now and then. I don't actively search for them anymore, but I do occasionally watch some. I made some AMV's during my naruto frenzy, but these days I no longer have the time for them.

Movies: I watch a lot of movies. Not so much now as I did before I started school again. Before I would buy 2-3 DVDs a week. Nowadays its more like 3-4 a month. But even though I watch less, I still love watching them and I seem to have the ability to fully immerse myself in the movie experience. Maybe that is why I like a lot of films that many people would consider horrible. My favorite genres are psychological thrillers and science fiction.

Fantasy and Rolegames: I have always been fascinated by magic, the occult and mythologies. More so, I have always loved everything related to fantasy. Be it fantasy art, books, cardgames, boardgames, what ever. And yet, I have never actually joined a roleplaying game.

Writing: I love to write. Doesn't really matter what I write, as long as I understand the subject matter and have extensive knowledge about it. I write some fantasy literature to my own amusement, hoping that someday I could get something published. The problem with my writing is that I'm never really content about my writings, but occasionally I do manage to write something that I'm happy with. Sometimes when I write, I get completely lost in the world I'm creating and that feeling alone makes me want to write again and again. The only thing that prohibits me from writing is my lazyness. I always find something else to do, such as playing games and watching anime or TV.

Other Stuff:

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Chinese Zodiac: Dog (Weirdly, my favourite character in Fruits Basket is Sohma Shigure. Go figure)

Favourite Animal: Cat or Wolf (I love cats, but I also love anything related to wolves)

Favourite Color: Blue

Favorite Music: Game/Movie/Anime Soundtracks, Alternative and/or Melodic music (Nightwish, Linkin Park, Dead by April etc)

Profile updated: 26.12.2011

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LinkSword Dec 13, 2010

Just read your blog on Impel Down.

As a die-hard One Piece fan I can say that the Impel Down arc lost way too much brilliance in the anime adaptation, and that's mainly because they try to drag it out so much. You only follow the anime, right? In the manga you won't get those overly repeated Ivankov jokes or those frequent, filler-like Buggy + 3 bits no one cares about. Nor extremely overextended ''fights'' of looking at each other and recapitulating things that happened a moment ago. Everything is far more comprised to the awesome and it leaves literally no room for dragged out, dumb stuff, which the anime version had a plenty.

And I think The War arc will have pretty much the same problem. I'm still not watching it (I stopped right after episode 458 so that I could marathon through it, since I loved the arc SO MUCH in the manga but had to suffer from weekly releases). BUT, I did take a peek at the end of episode 478 just to see where they were. Oh god. The worst has happened. The producers are doing a 20 minutes animated episode out of each 17 pages chapter (and with lots of double pages and not much text, mind you). So I guess they're dragging things out WAY TOO MUCH.

These things make me sad. The manga is great, but the anime is getting obnoxious as of late and people start to dislike One Piece because of that (I don't mean you, but plenty of other viewers). I'm sure you wouldn't have thought near as badly of the Impel Down arc had you read it instead of watching it. 95% Awesomeness, 5% Fun Silliness, 0% Facepalming Material. And characters like Ivankov or Mr. 2 don't even seem half as dumb as in the anime.

Really, Toei is damaging this epic story too much as of late. And I really mean the ''lately'' because stuff like this didn't happen at all in arcs like Arabasta or Skypiea, not even Enies Lobby or EVEN Thriller Bark which are somewhat recent (well, TB did already begin to feel some of this painful dragging out...).

As for the crew being separated and all, yeah, it's just not the same for a while, but I still loved everything about it. Impel Down was a rollercoaster of thriller and fun (again, in the manga) and the War was just the most amazing thing ever with all of those great figures battling it out.

HikaruTenshi Dec 12, 2010

Wow, amazing job. ^_^ ::hugs:: Congrats.

I hope you do well with your exams. ^_^

I love buying christmas gifts too!!! Well I also like to donate money whenever I pass by like.. the Toys for Tots or Salvation Army things.. x.x I always spend way too much money during the Christmas Season. I like when I make people happy. ^_^


LinkSword Dec 11, 2010

Very nice Top List! I love One Piece, Higurashi, Code Geass, Baccano and Onizuka, and also like Trigun and Jigoku Shoujo to an extent. School Rumble is just pretty good overall too, but Eri&Harima scenes are 5/5 for me. =D

HikaruTenshi Dec 7, 2010

Awesome. Thankies. ^_^

How are you doing?


HikaruTenshi Nov 29, 2010

Ah, I hope you do well.

I haven't finished Hayate.. It's on my brother's computer that died (the power supply luckily)..

Hmmm... what have I been up to.... nothing really, just hanging out with my family and watching anime and sleeping.... and.... not much else sadly.