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BlackVoid says...

I can see what you're saying. After L dies it lost the unpredictability and strangeness that he brought to the show, and he gets replaced with Near who doesn't really have a personality. I still thought it was great though, still had the big plots/schemes and intensity as it did before. I guess its just a matter of opinion.

I wouldn't say they had to have a "good" ending though. While Light did become somewhat of a madman, its still very debateable as to who was right between him and L.

Apr 20, 2010
Omurqi says...

The character database is brand new on Anime-Planet, so not every single character is up yet (although progress is quick).

To mark characters as favorite, go to the anime / manga in question, press on the "Characters" tab. There you can mark characters as favorite ^_^

Also as a note for Anime / Manga lists. They don't neccesarily have to be "My top x favorite anime / manga", you can play around a bit (shows with favorite characters, favorite animation quality, just to give some examples), as the maximum of Custom Lists you can make is 5.

Mar 14, 2010